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1 Mar 2014

I’m In Nigeria To Make An Impact-American Afro-pop Singer, Prinxes Elam

Prinxes Elam is a pretty black American who came to Nigeria to prove her musical dexterity. The sonorous voice singer has been in Nigeria for the past four months and she’s not ready to relent as she has been churning out singles. In this interview with Shokishombolo's blog, the beautiful and agile singer spoke on her journey into Nigerian music industry.

Could you tell us more about Prinxes?
My name is Prinxes, an artiste and a musician in Africa. My genre of music is Afro-pop music. I started singing when I was three years old in church, so I’ve been around music and musicians all my life. My family has a big background with music in the United States. I’m not a Nigerian but I’m from Africa because I’m a black American. I’m just here to see how I can contribute to the uplift of music in Nigeria.

Why did you choose Nigeria instead of America that is known to be the home of Hip-hop?

I really believe in African dream. I see a lot of fun coming over here. I picked Nigeria because I admire African music. I know it will be better.

We have a lot of artistes in Nigeria who are doing very well, what exactly do you have to compete with these artistes?

I don’t want to compete with them, I just want to collaborate with different artistes, producers and try to make something classic and something that can last for long. I’ve listened to a lot of Nigerian music and I really love it and I love the party tune. I just want to do something like a mix of Afro-pop and everything that is really out right now.

Looking at the Nigerian Music Industry, what do you think you possess to break the jinx?

Definitely, my flavour and style. You have to listen to the music to see the difference. With that, you can get a better idea of the direction I’m going in because I want to make something unique and special.

Tell me your unique selling point

I sing and I rap. I’m also an actress. Secondly, my own concept is completely different even for video and everything that we have been watching, I don’t want any of my projects to look like something that is already out there. I want everything that I do to just be something different. Something that really stands out and attracts the people.

Which Nigerian artiste inspired you most?

I will say Fela because he really inspired me a lot. I really love his deep songs. I really love all Nigerian artistes. I love what is going on nowadays and I want to be part of it.

Looking at where you were coming from and now that you are in Nigeria, how do you intend to blend with the language and music style?

I’m working with a good team and I have some great song writers. So, they are bringing their own style and flavour into it. I have songs in Yoruba and pidgin and I’m not just thinking about Nigeria. I’m thinking about global issues, so I want to make something that anyone in any part of the world can dance or draw inspiration from.

Thousands of Nigerians will be surprised that you left the likes of Rick Rose and other talented artistes in America to start a career in Nigeria, what informed the idea?

Honestly, I’ve always had a strong passion and desire to come to Africa. I wanted to see Africa from my own perspective. It took me a lot to just pick up and move over here. I didn’t feel leaving anyone behind in America but my ambition was paramount in my mind. I wanted to come to Africa and make an impact. I just feel that Africa is the future. And if I’m a smart investor or someone who wants to know where things are going to pop up next, I believe it’s Africa.

Did you sign under any record label or you formed your own label?

I’m working in bringing up my own record label. As I’m here now, I’m putting so many things in place to achieve that. Very soon, I would have my own label.

Musically, what are you working on right now?

Right now, I have some singles that I just released few weeks ago. I don’t want to rush in producing an album yet because I need to be known first. So, what I really wanted to do is to put out a single so that people who don’t know me could have a feel of what I can do. I’m also working on my videos which will be released soon.

Could you tell us the title of some of the songs?

The first single is titled “Ur Love Don’t Be” which is produced by Wisperbeats and we shot the video with Patric Ellis. You need to watch the video, it’s a really beautiful and amazing video. The second single is ‘Good Girls’ which I featured a fuji artiste, Ola. He’s a great singer. The other song is titled “No Be Small Thing”, these are the three singles that we are going to push out first. Aside that, I have some Afro-pop songs which I’m working with a Nigerian producer and I have my music that I produced in Los Angeles where I came from. I have Hip-hop, R&B and it’s really a nice mixture.

What was your parents’ reaction when you told them you were coming to Nigeria to start a musical career?

You know what? I’m going to tell you the truth, I didn’t tell them because I knew they would not like the idea. I called my dad from Nigeria and I said Dad; I’m in Nigeria and he said ‘what are you doing there?’ What’s your problem? Now, they are getting used to the fact that I’m going to be here for a while or so and they are supporting me but at first, it wasn’t easy.

When do you plan to go back or you have come to stay finally?

I really love Nigeria so much and I’m staying at Lekki, Lagos and I love the area. I don’t think I’m going back to the USA except if I have shows over there but the truth is that I want to live here. I love this place.

If you have the chance to feature a female musician in Nigeria, who would that be?

As far as I’m concerned, my people are looking into doing stuffs with some of them but we are still working tenaciously on it. We haven’t decided which one will be the best direction for us to go in. But I really love and appreciate Nigerians with what they are doing here.

Which American artiste do you intend to bring to Nigeria to come and have a feel of our good music?

There are so many but we will see what will happen. They want to see if this is going to work out because they’ve never heard an American going to Nigeria or Africa and trying to blow off from there. I’m sure they just want to see how this is going to work out.

Have you started eating our food?

Oh my God, I can’t but I’m still trying because the pepper is too much. My body is not used to it yet and I’ve been here for more than four months.

Who are your role models in music?

My role model in music is every black woman that had made it.

Where do you see yourself in the next two or three years?

The name Prinxes will have become a household name both in Africa and internationally.

What other passion do you have?

Normally for me, if I didn’t sing, I would probably be a football agent because I love football so much and I do have the ability of seeing and discovering new talents and breaking new grounds.

Tell us some of the challenges you have been facing since you started your music career?

I can’t tell you that I haven’t faced any challenge. I don’t want to go into details but the truth is that Nigeria is beautiful with a lot of untapped resources.

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