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26 Jul 2013

Reality Show Of Scandal BBA Housemates’ Nude Pictures Spread On Internet

 When Big Brother Africa was sold to Africa, many people welcomed the idea because lots of people saw it as an avenue to unite Africans who converge in confined vicinity for 90 days. Though the reality show has been on in many other parts of the world before coming to Africa, but its advent became another method in affording Africans in exchanging culture and tradition while in the house for that three months. However, the story changed when the issue of sex and nudity was introduced. At first, many did not bother about it but when it was done with reckless abandon, the issue became a major discuss in Nigeria in particular; it even attracted the National Assembly which almost outlawed the programme from the country. The organizers, however, promised to be more discreet about the individuals’ privacy while in the house. But alas! they seem to have jettisoned the earlier promise by allowing the nude pictures of the housemate to leak to the internet. According to the findings by this magazine, most of the pictures get to the public through the VIP opening made available by DSTV. Virtually all the housemates have their complete nude pictures on the internet. If one is interested in seeing the sordid pictures and video on the internet, all you need to do is just to click on the shower hour of the housemate; and behold their various bath robes will stare at you. Many Nigerians have been lacing their voice on the issue, to these Nigerians, there is no reason the participants should be subjected to such dehumanization by the organizers.  Some who believe the actors in the house are fully aware before they ventured, but they said if they fail to make it to the finals, they would have lost not only the prize money but also their dignity. Speaking on the issue, a top banker with one of the new generation banks said “BBA should be stopped in Africa, it’s corrupting the coming generation. After all, it’s not impacting anything positive in lives of the youths in Africa. We have lost our morality all in the name of civilization”. As if that is not enough, another concerned citizen said:  “African leaders should wake up and stop this madness called Big brothers Africa. It is absolutely evil, it has no positive impact in our children's moral upbringing. Somebody should be bold enough to stop it”. Aside the issue of nudity, the public display of immorality is one thing that many can’t come to terms with. Two of the housemates namely Sally and Nando have been accusing each other of transferring sexually transmitted disease because of the unprotected sex they had on set. Another housemate that had sex on set may have herself to blame if the threat of the country’s law enforcer is achieved. According to reports, some lawyers in her home country are getting set to sue the housemate because she had sex in the Big Brother house with fellow BBA housemate Bolt from Sierra Leone three days after the show began.

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