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31 Jul 2014


-Taries Creative Director, -Tara Adesemowo
Mrs Tara ‘Seyi Adesemowo (nee Akinsulore) is a trained Beautician in professional make-up artistry, nail technician, skin care, head gear (Gele Tyeing),hair and bead making. Her priority is ensuring customer
satisfaction. She uses and recommends quality and tested beauty products for a flawless finish. Her kit is full of the best brands. She has a collection of all favourite things to ensure you are camera ready. Her
works and brands have been showcased in various top international and national beauty websites, blogs, events, and beauty magazines. Tara is a graduate of International Relations from Covenant University, and also worked with Spring Bank plc. Her passion for makeup, fashion and handwork started as a teenager. Her journey as a beauty specialist began in 2009. She is the founder of Taries Beauty Lounge. She
is known for the sales and use of unique professional makeup brands. She has the sole and exclusive distribution of Prestige Cosmetics & Studio makeup (they include powder, lipsticks, eyeliners, lip liners etc) in Nigeria and also own her own Makeup Range known as Taries Professional Makeup.  She has sales
representatives, distributors of her brands in all parts of Nigeria.

*The Launch of Prestige Cosmetics
The launch of Prestige Cosmetic was just like the first step forward. It was actually the first bold step that we’ve taken and I think it’s the way forward for us. The launch of Prestige brought us to the media but I think
there are some things that we needed to put into places before digging our hands into other new things. This is part of the reasons I have been silent. As you all know, I enjoy my low-key life. I prefer to do my things underground. But there is more to come from Taries Beauty Lounge and Prestige Cosmetics in Nigeria.

*Relocating from Oba Akran to Toyin Street
Let me say, all other stores that we’ve had have always been small for me. So, I was really waiting for God to make it bigger. I felt the store at Oba Akran and the one at Ogba are too small and there is need to expand. They were really small to achieve what I wanted to achieve. The launch of Prestige Cosmetics actually opened my eyes on so many things. And I felt that, the first thing I’m supposed to do was to set up myself in such a way that, I will be able to meet the expectations of our clients. Sometimes, when you fail to meet up with the expectation of your potential customers, it lowers the strength of the brand. Prestige Cosmetic is a reliable brand and it’s a brand that I really want to portray in a best way. This is part of
the reasons we had to relocate to Olufunmilola Okikiolu off Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos. It’s a four bedroom-flat which made it a bigger place, unlike what we’ve had before. Now, we have everything under one roof. We have all our services in different sections for Makeup Studio, Makeup Shop, Hair Salon, Nail Parlour, Spa, Photography and the training school is also there. We don’t have our services split everywhere anymore. Right now, you can easily walk in here for all your beauty services.

*Training Students
Yes, we do train. We have an Beauty Academy where we train students. We offer training in Make-up Artistry,Skin Care, Head-gear, Styling, Hair Making, Bead Making, Nails Artistry and Photography. Training is also one of our strength at Taries Beauty Lounge.

*In-door and Out-door Services
Yes, we do both in-door and out-door services. We’ve handled several jobs outside that I can’t even start counting. We’ve done a lot of Bridal jobs, Fashion Shows and sponsoring. We were the official make-up company at the Nigerian Fashion Week in 2012. Another one is the NeedleKraft event that we just concluded few months ago. We’ve done Radio Award too and we do makeovers for series of celebrities like Mercy Aigbe, Beverly Osu, Yinka Davis, Cleo and others.

*Fulfillment on the job
Yes, I am fulfilled. If I’m not fulfilled, I won’t be five years running. We are celebrating our 5th year anniversary on the 31st of August, 2014 and On that same day we will be officially opening our new lounge.
Beauty business is something that I’ve always  craved for. It is something that I enjoy doing. And since I finished my service, I’ve been doing it and God has been wonderful.

*Whether she envisaged this Success within 5years
First and foremost, a good entrepreneur always expects to be big in everything he or she is doing. They (entrepreneur) always expect to be the best. At times, people will say we are selfish, it’s not being selfish, and it’s just the drive and passion which make you craved for the best. From my day one in this business, I’ve always seen myself growing this big and even bigger than where I am today because I started very little. I grow daily because I didn’t start big. It’s a business that I started growing from the roots. Sincerely, I see myself bigger than this. Even now that we are in a big space, I still ask my staff, clients and family every now and then if they feel this place is worth celebrating as per the opening ceremony. I feel so glad, fulfilled and always have reasons to do more when I hear people testify to the tremendous growth of the business and their satisfaction. I still don’t see this place as my best, I just see it as the little of all the best that is yet to come.

*Your view about beauty world
The Beauty world is wide. We have the word ‘make-over’ over flogged and being over-flogged does not mean, it’s not good. I will just say, when something is good, everybody want to do it. But I think people should
always see reason to do things rather than following other people’s vision. Your passion should drive you to do it and not to follow people’s footstep. If everybody has a passion for what he or she is doing, it will make it a better place and it will give us a better standard. Some people see make-over aspect in the beauty world as “it should be cheap”. For instance, when some customers price our services and say its expensive, I tell them the work and products itself is expensive. What makes us different from others is the quality of what we do and the way we do it. The quality of product we use, the constant upgrade of skill / professionalism we set differentiates us. If everybody in the beauty world places their brands on a set standard, the industry will be valued more and with a solid Guild. We need to belief in our own than allowing our international counterparts intimidate us. The beauty industry in Nigeria is growing but it’s not where it’s supposed to be. If you look at other country, the way they rate the beauty industry is far higher than the way they are being rated here.

*How affordable are your services?
We are very affordable when you understand the quality of what we offer. It has to do with what the individual wants. What you want will determine the price you pay.

*Tell us more about Prestige Cosmetic
Prestige Cosmetics provides the finishing touch of confidence that makes women feel beautiful at all times. Prestige Cosmetics epitomizes premium quality with undeniable value. Our unique range of cutting-edge, high quality and luxurious product formulations are highly effective yet skin-friendly to women of colors. With our makeup, anyone can achieve a professionally finished look with foolproof application. Our goal is to
deliver the highest quality beauty products, accessible to each and every woman at affordable price. Products are highly pigmented with a wide range of colors. All of our products are developed using the latest technology and finest ingredients and comply with the highest manufacturing standards. Prestige Cosmetics is Made in the USA and Europe. Prestige Cosmetics products are sold through a wide range of channels including specialty stores, pharmacies, department stores and perfumeries in 54 countries worldwide including Nigeria. Taries has the Franchise of Prestige Cosmetics in Nigeria and they distribute it to retailers.

*Criteria to apply as a student
To start with, you must have the passion. The first question I usually ask my student is, why they came to learn? I believed that, in any trade, you need to build the passion first because passion brings perfection. If you don’t have the passion, no matter what and how you are taught, its hard to become good and perfection will be far. A student must learn to swallow his or her Prices and Confidence, is also key.

*What to expect at the launching of Taries Beauty Lounge

Basically, what we are doing is the opening of the new beauty lounge. We are expecting guests from all walks of life both home and abroad. Since all our clients are special guests, we are expecting our teeming customers to come and celebrate with us. Also, we will be having some celebrities around. We also expect new clients to join the celebration. The main focus is on the brand (Taries beauty Lounge) and basically for people to come and shop their favourite beauty brands in Makeup, Nails and Hair products (buy). Our customers need to come with their wallet loaded. There are several goodies and give away items to be won. Starting in August, we will be giving out freebies on our social media pages twitter, Facebook and instagram. Participate in our Raffle Draws, Sales, Promo and Online Games @tariesmakeup. We are giving out Ten 10 Gift Cards to of existing and new clients which allows you the opportunity to come into the Beauty Lounge for a free Makeover, Hair-Do, Manicure, Pedicure, Photo-Shoot and Products. Starting from now we have crazy sale offers and all products and services will be highly discounted on the event day. We hope to have you around as the door is open to all.

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