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7 Jun 2014


One of the oldest and most patronised bars in the highbrow ikoyi axis of lagos “100n Hours Lounge” is now wearing a new look. The lounge which was initially floated 18 years ago as a bar for friends to hang out after work has now turned to an all inclusive bar, lounge and restaurants where lagos bug boys love to hangout. 

Located on 100, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, “1oo Hours Lounge” boasts of a world class lounge on the first floor, with tasteful furnishings and a great ambience to relax, downstairs is the bar and restaurant that overlooks the busy Awolowo rod, according to Wale Okuwobi the boss of 100 Hours lounge, “the business has been on for about 18 years since we first started playing with the idea, and over the years, my friends have kept the bar going, even when no one else comes, my friends would always come around, and at some point that encouraged other people to always take notice, so when we did the face lift and re-branding, it was easy to attract old customers and woo new ones”. 

Speaking on the re-branding of the lounge, he said “ Well, the rebranding is solely my idea even though I have investors, however, this bar began as a hobby for me, because I love hanging out with my friends, and I recall that at some point I even started a club here called 100 hours club. I recently decided to rebrand 100 hours bar, a lot of people like the name so we decided to stick with the name, co-incidentally this bulling is located on 100, awolowo road ikoyi, so that’s where the name came from, and the process of re-branding and building this lounge would not have been complete, successful without the immense help of Fola Lawal”.

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