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21 Mar 2014

I’ve Dated Lots Of Ladies- Denrele Cleared Air On Gay Rumour

Denrele and Goldie
Denrele and Goldie
You would agree that prior to her death, controversial songstress, Goldie and Channel O Presenter Denrele had very strong ties. Not only did Goldie breathe her last in his hands, Denrele was the first to announce her death to the public.
A year after her death, Denrele has made a very candid statement when asked about Goldie in an interview recently. His words, “Goldie was my soulmate. Everything about goldie was unique. She wasn’t only beautiful she was so captivatingly beautiful in and out that no eye could avoid her and once she has hooked you with her charming innocence, you will surely melt. If I start to talk about Goldie, we won’t leave here. I met her married and that’s why we didn't marry.”
Meanwhile, when asked about his ideal women, Denrele who is believed by many to be gay did not only deny it but admitted that he has dated several ladies, hear him. “I’ve dated lots of ladies but unfortunately, most of them tried to change me. They tried to change the real things that make me who I am. Any woman that don’t understand me and where I’m coming from is definitely not my ideal woman.

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