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18 Jan 2014

Presidential Aide Who Smokes Hemp

Gone are the days when smoking was deemed a secret habit by men, and women in the power corridor. 
And in spite of the inherent risks associated with smoking, some are still not giving smoking the axe whether in the open behind closed doors.
Such is the case of a top aide of the president at Aso Villa. Those who know him well say he is a chronic smoker of weeds. Despite the pressure to hide his habit, we heard that the presidential aide secretly puffs away in a heavy manner.
The man in question is the only attack dog of the president who hails from the North.
For fear of a negative reaction and of the stigma associated with the habit, sources say the man does his thing secretly at a very popular hotel in Abuja owned by an Ondo State born businessman.
The aide whose surname begins with the 7th alphabet and ends with the 11th, is among the long list of famous personalities who are considered ‘closeted smokers’, endlessly trying to keep their dirty habit under wraps. 

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