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7 Oct 2013

SHOCKING! New Sex Talk Show Where Couples Have Sex On Stage In Front Of Audience

A new TV Talk show has been causing a lot of controversy in the UK.
The show, titled Sex Box, is a new sex talk show which involved three couples having sex in a box on stage in front of a studio audience, then talk about it afterwards with a panel of experts.
According to reports, the "sex box" is made of thick wood. Inside, it looks like a boutique hotel room. It's soundproof with no cameras, so the couples can't be heard or seen once in there.
A member of the panel of experts, reveal how the show works:
"While each of the three couples are in the box (with a 30 minute time limit), Mariella Frostup, who hosts the show, international syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, psychotherapist Phillip Hodson and me, discuss issues relating to the couple in the box.
For example, when our first young couple are in the box, we talk about porn and the effect it has on a generation who have grown up with it.
What can be done to keep female desire going long-term - with surprising insights - was a topic debated for our mature couple. Just what gay men really get up to in bed, was the myth-busting eye-opening debate for the gay male couple.
These discussions are tasteful, intelligent, warm and often funny. They are also educational, challenging harmful sexual myths that confuse and stop lots of people enjoying a healthy, enjoyable sex life.
The discussions are so interesting, by the time the couple come out of the box, you'll have forgotten they were in there!"
The producers of the show reveal that it its aim is to normalise sex for many people watching, surprise even more and hopefully leave all with a more realistic view of what really happens in bedrooms across Britain, rather than what pornography, movies or telly would have us believe.

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