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4 Oct 2014

UK Promoter Allegedly Dupes K1 De Ultimate Of £40,000

        + As Orisefemi & May D boycott London concert
“You shall not reap the fruit of your labour, you shall suffer till the end and no man shall come to your aid . As a promoter, all your efforts to prosper shall not come true no matter how hard you try”……. These were the words of the King of fuji music K1 de ultimate to UK promoter Saka Ayodele  Monmodu, CEO House of Music after the highly publicised the Ultimate concert in London. What started as a sweet, cordial relationship between K1 de ultimate and House of music has become thug of war as both parties have fallen apart.  We learnt that Mr Ayodele duped K1 of about £40,000 which is supposed to be his share from the UK edition of his world tour. Narrating how they fell apart, sources disclosed that house of music and K1 had an agreement that he would be paid £40,000 for 3 shows including London, Manchester and Dublin but at the end of the show he offered K1 the ultimate £2000 pounds. He was said to have bitterly rejected the money and cursed him endlessly. Billy Que entertainment who partnered House of music on the concerts confirmed the story to us regarding the incident as the most embarrassing moment of his life as a promoter.

“ I never imagined House of music can be so greedy and make a mess of everything. He didn’t only dupe K1, he also made away with my money and have also refused to pay people he contracted for the show” we queried Billy Que further to give details of what happened and he responded that “ well I don’t intend to go on and on about what actually happened but I will rather tell you than get the details wrong. First of all I must confess that we had a good show and the turnout was great.  It all started in 2013 when Mr Ayodele House approached me that he wanted to bring K1 to the Uk. K1 had not performed in the UK for a while and I felt it was a brilliant idea to stage a mega concert for him here. I linked him up with K1’s former manager Percy Ademokun. After Percy left K1 he continued discussing with the new manager and eventually K1 accepted. He called me to be part of it and told me he had talked to K1 and they have agreed to do 3 shows including London, Manchester and Dublin. He arranged the work permit got the venue and told me K1 had requested for £50,000 for the 3 shows. I got involved in the promotion and invested 8,000 in it. after the London show we moved to Manchester but for logistics reason we cancelled the Dublin show. At the end of the show I stared calling him to get my own share of the show but little did I know that he was having problems with K1 and had not paid him anything. Apparently he gave K1 an impression that I was holding on to his money. I got a call from K1 and was summoned to his hotel. On getting there, I saw house of music and was glad because I felt relieved that I was getting my money from him. Meanwhile I also gave him over £6000 from sale of ticket.
"When I got there K1 opened up that he is yet to receive any money and has been told that I was holding on to some money. I was surprised and asked him what happened. I quickly brought out my account book and showed K1 everything. K1 was very angry and that was where I found out the details of the deal he had with K1. He told me £50,000 but the agreement he had with was different. K1 gave him an option of paying £40,000 or gate sharing formula of 60 – 40. He agreed to pay £40,000 but one a condition that the money will be paid after the show. Based on trust K1 agreed but since the Dublin show was cancelled he was expected to pay at least 30,000. To cut the long story short, instead of paying K1 the agreed he presented just £2000. This is the reason K1 flared up and got upset. My brother he had reasons to be angry. How could a veteran like him come all the way for 2 shows and be paid just £2000. "
Attempts to reach K1 proved abortive but we were able to reach Mr Momodu for his own side of the story. He was quite paranoid and spoke in anger. Thus he said “ I don’t care whatever you guys wrote and I am not willing to say anything about this issue. I don’t care who you are or where you are from. You can go ahead and publish whatever you desire “ Meanwhile, hip hop acts Oritsefemi and May D scheduled to perform at the London Concert didn't show up. We hope to bring you exclusive details soon.