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10 Sep 2014


It would take a soothsayer to give a full description of this Humbled American lady that found her missing rib in Nigerian young and intelligent dude. Jeanette Marie, of Olasoji of the conjugal rite could be best described in a formula form as thus, ‘a thousand ‘W’ PS woman’, for the uninitiated, the above formula simply defined Mrs. Olasoji as a woman of ‘a thousand words Per Second’. Little wonder her hubby described her as a ‘multitalented woman ‘. Without being a sycophant, those who were able to mingle and hitherto relate to Jeanette during her visit to Nigeria recently can testify to her humility gesture and her level of interpersonal relation. Her countenance during the interview with our correspondent shows that she’s always an interviewer’s delight. The franchise distributor of Pizza food cum the indigene of Newark Delaware, USA, in this soar-away interview unveiled her Nigerian’s societal experiences in comparison with the United State of America. Excerpts…  

Who is Jeanette Marie?
Yeah! My name is Jeanette Marie Olasoji, I am an indigene of Newark Delaware in the United State of America and I am happily married to a God fearing Nigerian dude.
What are you into over there?
I am into the distribution of Pizza food; work in a Pizza store and my core duty is to distribute Pizza to homes, private and government offices and I own my cleaning
business as well.

You've been in the country for the past two weeks now, what has been your observation since you breezed in?
You mean my observations? Wow! Honestly I really don't know where to start.
Is this your first time of visiting Nigeria?
No, this is my second time; I was here last year as well.
Then, you must have noticed some differences compared to your last visit?
Yeah! The last time I came down to Nigeria, I observed that there are lots of road construction projects being executing here and there but the observation is that, there are little construction of houses. I think government needs to place housing sector on high premium so as to tackle the deficit in the housing sector. But to crown it all, Nigeria is developing because on getting to the airport, I discovered that things have really changed compare to how it was last year.

Talk of the weather; how has Nigerian weather treating you given the fact that our weather is incomparable to that of the State?
Yeah! The weather is moderate, a lot of people complaining that they are feeling cold but I don't know why because in Newark Delaware, we have four seasons; that is fall, spring, winter, summer. When I was coming, the America summer level is 110 degree centigrade while Nigeria falls below 60, so while some people are complaining that the weather is cold, to me, I always say it is nice.
How can Nigerian youths be useful to the development of Nigeria economy considering the fact that you've had your own shares of experiences in various human endeavour?
The only way they can be useful to the country is by empowering themselves educationally. Youths in this part of the world need to get education so as to develop themselves. And importantly, parents have vital roles to play in this regard because education is the power to youth development. The last time I came, I noticed and also heard a lot of cases whereby parents sent their wards out of the house to struggle for the ends means by themselves; I feel that is not the best way to bring up a child if you are dreaming to have a better future for your child. I really don't know how to get this right to you but the contention is that, parents need to get close to their children because if they are far from them, they (the youths) are easily influenced. Without the security and guide of parents, youth can easily mingle and join bad gang. So, family union is very important, if there is union in the family, it will not be easy for a youth to find another union but in any family that is not united, the youths there will always look for companion and somebody they can share thoughts and ideas with and that is when you see them engage in cultism. So, there must be union in the family in order to give proper attention to the up-bringing of the children.
Talking about the reception, how has it been; warm or harsh?
Ho! I am overwhelmed by the reception I got from my husband's family. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time to take me to places; we have visited most of his die hard friends and tourism centers in Lagos here. I have been getting the warm reception right from the Muritala Mohammed Airport, (MMA), the staffers there are wonderful people, I was treated like a Queen.
What is your take to the influx of Nigerians to the United State of America?
I am gonna be straight forward in this notion. Don't be stupid because Nigeria has a lot of ability to improve, a lot of ability to have economic growth and stability. Nigerians can develop their country by themselves all it takes is discipline. If Nigerians can unite, the power to the development of the country is in their hands, no need of going to the western world because all they want there is right here in their domain. Nigeria can do better than America. You know this is a country that has many languages with three ethnic groups while America has only one language. Regardless the fact that America is rich in modern technology, I believe Nigeria still
has potential to do better than America.
Before you jetted in, you must have heard a lot of news about the unsecured nature of the country particularly the mayhem of Boko Haram insurgency and speculation of Ebola Virus; did you not panic about personal security?
I am a kind of woman that loves to always taste adventure. I take the risk and when the consequences come, Ii bear it alone. Last time when I came, I got discouragement from
some of my friends and family telling me 'you are not gonna get this, you are not gonna get that' but I defied their advices and make my way down here and go back to the state safely. I am a Christian; I believe my God will never forsake me in any action I take because I put Him first. So, talk of security, I have no fear because I know the kind of husband I have; as long as I am seeing him, I will always feel secured and insured. And again, I don't get any harassment from any individual in this house I live either from police officers or any government officials. The environment is so peaceful and cool for me.
Talking about your husband, Eleazer, I want you to describe him in three words?
Ho My God! Eleazer is my partner, we are twin and he's my die hard friend.
As an American, how would you compare American men to Nigerian men now that you are married to a Nigerian?
Well, you know every tribe is different and every man is different, for instance, In Nigeria, they believe men can have more than one wife while it is not like that in America, though men do have child out of wedlock but it is very secretive because women have more power over their than men folk. I see that there is a lot of differences in culture and tradition of the whole country. Men here in Nigeria do take care of their family and the children even though they can have more than one wife; they always show sense of being responsible and accountable to their family.
Can you speak any Yoruba language since you are married to a Yoruba guy?
(Laughing....) all I can speak is 'OKO MI' means 'my husband' 'Lo' that is 'GO' and 'WA' means 'COME'... (General laughter....)
But do you intend to learn the language?
Yes, I am already learning it because I belong to a particular group on facebook social media where I am being taught some simple words in Yoruba language.
Eleazer, what do you have to say about your wife?
My wife is a nice person; she's a very intelligent woman, she is multitalented woman I ever seen; she always has an idea about all the professions in every field of study in human endeavour.

How long have you guys being together?
Yeah! We had our first anniversary this year August 26 but we have known ourselves about five months before we got married.
Having been aware of the security challenge facing your country, how do you intend to secure her when she informed about her visit to the country?
When she told me, the very first step I took was that, I wrote the management of my company where I am working to give me a transfer to one of our branches very close to my
house here so that I will be able to bridge the gap between my home to my office; thus, instead of me spending two hour or more in the traffic, due to the proximity of my office to my house, I spend just fifteen minutes to get home from work. And the second step is that, I make sure that I informed all my family members, associates and friends. And when she finally jets in, I swiftly took her to all of them so they can all rally round her to ascertain her security. And I always safeguard her against all the environmental danger and hoodlums because I don't allow her to go out without my company. Whenever I go to work now and then, I make sure I scrutinize what she does and what she is doing and how she does it or doing it.
Do you have regret, getting married to an American woman?
Of course, there is no room for any form of regression. Even, the tradition or issue of ethnicity is no longer a barrier in this contemporary world of ours; therefore, I will rather say that I have been the happiest man in the world since I married her. She has been good to me and has done virtually all an average woman could not do. That makes me happy. As she has rightly told you, she is my twin, my best friend and my lover.

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