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25 Aug 2014

Wooden Bridge Constructed In Lagos To Extort Money

This is around Lanre Bus stop in Igando, Lagos Lagos State! It is a wooden bridge constructed by some area boys to cross the bad road to Ayobo Ipaja in Lagos State!
Every car that passes through the "bridge" pay #200, and if you have passengers in your car,you pay #30 on each passengers! That is what they charge on PRIVATE CARS! For the commercial, I have confirmed that it is just "killing"!,they charge #350 on each trips! So for privat TO and FRO journey means you will drop #400,that is if you have no passengers! And for commercial vehicles,you will drop #700!!!
For the people trekking, you must part with #50 each time you take the sophisticated "bridge"!!!
Is this what we were promised? Is this the Mega City we were promised? Say no to APC in Lagos!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The wooden bridge is somewhat okay. The one that really baffled me was the one I saw on a regular normal street. No construction of any sort was done or needs to be done. I was passing thru a street in Ojodu when I was stoped by a "rope" road block. The area boys demanded money before I could go thru. I guess in their shallow mind, them and their great, great grand father owns the street. Hence, the reason for the extortion. For me I told them to go get a job while knocking down the makeshift road block with my vehicle. Awon alai nikan se, hissed!!!