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29 Jul 2014

Things You Should Do While Waiting For Love Of Your Life

Of course, you’re not letting the world go by while waiting for the love of your life to appear. This is a proactive life plan. Just like you will consider the best course for your career choice, you will have given thought to the kind of man you want to attract. Take the time to define your own needs and desires while waiting for the love of your life.
Discover Your Passion
Without a man in your life, you’re free to learn about yourself without the distraction of pleasing another. Hobbies or interests that you’ve enjoyed for a number of years might blossom into full-fledged passions when you have the time to dedicate yourself to them. If you don’t already have one, find something you can be passionate about. It’s a worthy goal.

 Knowledge Is Power
When you put off further education today, it’s too easy to put it off forever. While you’re not involved with a relationship where you need to be available and agreeable, take the time to go to school and earn a degree that will be beneficial to your life going forward. This is true whether you fly solo or you’re in a committed relationship.
Form Everlasting Friendships
Sometimes, boyfriends can get in the way of girlfriends. While you’re not in love, consider this a great chance to be there for your friends in every way possible. One might need a sympathetic shoulder, one might just want to party. You’re free to do as you please and create a bond with your friends that will never break, even when you’ve met the man of your dreams.
 Get Your Career In Gear
Focus on yourself and your career goals and don’t actively consider yourself waiting for the love of your life. Consider this your time to shine at work and make yourself indispensable. It’s a great advantage to have your career established when you find love. If both of you are on this same path, it will make financial concerns less important in your relationship.
Be Aware Of Opportunities
Unencumbered with a relationship, you are free to go on an adventure! If you’ve always wanted to travel and you have the means, take this time to do so. If a job on a cruise ship or employment in another state presents itself, you have only yourself to consider before accepting or declining. You’ll never have this chance again.
Know Yourself
The love of your life might be right around the corner, so you need to recognize him when he appears. If you have had poor judgment in the past when it comes to picking men, be aware of it and break the cycle. You now want someone that will respect as well as love you, just as you respect and love yourself.
Be The Best You Can Be
While waiting for Mr. Right, take this time to become the very best person you can be. This could mean giving up bad habits such as smoking, an unhealthy diet, dressing in a too provocative or even a frumpy style, and being consistently late. These are all unattractive traits that you can conquer, so by the time your Mr. Wonderful shows his face, you will be the shining example of the best you can be.
Fashion Tips For Elderly Women
Elderly women don’t need to look frumpy and many will welcome help with getting to grips with modern styles, fabrics and accessories so they look just as good in their 80s as they did in their 30s. If your mum, grandma or other elder is reliant on you to shop for her, you’d do well to know some fashion tips for elderly women. As we get older, clothing isn’t just a question of fashion and style; clothing should be fit for purpose and lifestyle, and there are a number of considerations in choosing clothes that younger women simply don’t have to think about. Here are the best fashion tips for elderly women.
All About The Fit
If you want the mature women in your life to look fit; then the clothes must fit! Don’t let mum or gran walk around in clothing that’s too loose or too tight because they’ll look untidy or just plain uncomfortable. A good fit means wearing the right size and when necessary, some tailors like shortened hems and/or sleeves if clothing in petite or uncommon sizes is not readily available.
All About The Shoes
Style cues for a mature lady includes shoe safety. This means non-slip soles, avoiding backless slip-ons, trainer-style with Velcro instead of laces, waterproof for winter and with air vents for summer.
Wear & Tear
You want mom and gran to look good with minimal effort, so buy clothes that can handle machine washes and tumble driers. Any garment that needs special care to look neat or be maintained should not be on the shopping list. You want mom and gran to wash and wear and look good.
Size Changes
A sensible style hint for elderly women is to note size changes as the years go by. As women get older, their general physique shrinks. It’s easy to fall into the habit of buying oversized clothes for comfort but if too loose, sleeves could get hooked or feet could stumble on too-long pants, causing injuries.
Look For Adaptive Clothing
Adaptive clothing is specially designed to be very easy to get on or off whether mom or gran dress themselves or need help. This type of clothing is functional but also stylish. It includes dresses; skirts with pleats to spread easily while sitting; long, wide-tabbed zippers along both side seams of pants; and dresses and tops with open backs. This is one of the much appreciated fashion tips for elderly women.
Avoid tiny zippers, buttons or snaps because older ladies find them hard to manage. They may prefer front-closure bras, pull-on pants and wrap or overwrap tops. This tip is particularly helpful for women who are becoming frail or have arthritis.
The Layered Look
The layered look is a style staple for you but it’s also one of the most important fashion tips for elderly women because it works for mom and gran for the same reasons. It looks relaxed and it’s perfect for keeping the body temperature constant.
Style Identity
Just because you’re buying the clothes doesn’t mean you should ignore mom and gran’s personal style. Remember how they used to dress, e.g. colours, patterns and fabrics. Try to incorporate some of these into the wardrobe. You could also get new ideas by seeing what their peers wear. Fashion advice for the older woman includes keeping their personal style while fitting in with the group around them and it’s as simple as a popular purse or scarf. Top style hints for mature women always include ‘the signature piece.’ No matter what’s being worn, the right signature piece uplifts ordinary to stylish. Even track pants and a top can be made stylish with a silky scarf, or a plain top and skirt looks trendy with the right pendant, or a grey shift dress becomes eye-catching with a colorful pashmina.

Keeping Warm
Another sign of aging is reduced body temperature. It’s important to choose warm fabrics and to make sure mom/gran/auntie has a supply of cardigans, jackets, pashminas, wraps and shawls etc to pull on whenever needed. Choose neutral colours to go with all outfits and a few stand-out pieces.
Ways To Say What You Mean To Your Boyfriend
This is not to be confused with being blunt, for I know that a lot of women panic at the idea of confronting a problem without any form of sugar coating. There are however, ways to say exactly what you mean in a non-threatening manner. As most therapists advise, try using "I feel…when you" statements when you can. They aren’t accusatory and they get your point across. And if he asks you how you’re doing, don’t say fine unless you are just that. I officially declare you too old for mind games, no matter how old you are. Saying what you mean is one of the easiest, emotionally freeing ways to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.
Surprise, The Spice Of Life
This idea can be applied to every aspect of your relationship. It can be as small as leaving a note in his shower. If your man is a thrill-seeker or even just your average Joe, pulling him out of his comfort zone is a good thing. He’ll have a lot of firsts with you and simultaneously learn to conquer fears with you by his side. Over time, these experiences and sharing of emotional vulnerability will strengthen the bond between the two of you.
Be Appreciative
After months of dating, a lot of women forget that things cost money. If he pays for dinner, thank him and offer to pay for the next meal. If he takes you somewhere, thank him. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Don’t forget about his needs, and definitely don’t just expect things.
Leave Notes
This one stems from my deep love of writing thank you notes.  Some mornings, he’ll leave earlier than you. Leave him a note on his bedside that says something sweet, sexy or encouraging for the week. He’ll find it later and whether he reciprocates or not, he’ll love that you left one.
Build Him Up
This should come naturally, but if you make the effort and take it a step further, you’ll be happy you did. You love to feel wanted and so does he. Find the features of his body and personality that drive you wild and dole out a few compliments a week, addressing those specifically. He’ll become confident in those features and even if you two don’t last, he’ll reflect on his time with you as one of positive self-images.
Stay Curious
First off, you should strive to do this with every person you come into contact with. Everyone has something to teach us, regardless of whether they say it outright or not. Every time a person left a conversation with him, they felt valued and interesting. Your significant other has a lot to teach you. Whether it’s his career or a just a hobby, ask questions to help you understand the things that are important to him. The best partners make us learners for a lifetime.
Specialized Gifts
When you give a gift, make it for him, not a generic men’s gift. Try and give him something representative of your relationship.  
To-Do Switcheroo
Take things from his to-do list and add them to yours. This is probably the most awesome thing you can do for a relationship. Provided that your mate is for the most part independent, doing little things for him won’t make him feel like you’re micromanaging his life. He’ll see it as alleviating his stress. If you notice his car needs an oil change or a gas fill up, ask to borrow it and come back with the problem solved. If he has laundry in the dryer that needs folding, fold it when he’s not paying attention. The feeling of realizing you no longer have to do something that was weighing on your mind is amazing. He’ll associate that feeling with you if you surprise him.
If he’s tired, angry or sad, let him be or try and help him work through these emotions. He’s allowed to feel discontent with the world around him. You taking his being sad, mad, etc. as a personal attack on your relationship isn’t fair. He doesn’t judge you for the borderline psychotic break you inflict on him, so do him the same courtesy. If certain emotions take over his life and you find that he’s pretty volatile, that’s a problem. And just leave him alone about porn. Science has proved it is healthy for both men and women.

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