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19 Jul 2014

Source Revealed The True Story Of Ex-Custom Officer Who Was Buried Alive With Daughter

The bible says, at the death of an upright man his hope does not come to an end, but the hope of the evil-doer comes to destruction. But what is worrisome about the followers of any religion or faith is the allowance of temporary evil and injustice towards others! 
There is a common attitude among "believers" of any faith that if they do evil and then repent then it will be washed away for them which means injustice done to others without punishment!  
This is common and best described what transpired between the ex-customs officer, Angela Kerry who was buried alive with her adopted daughter. 
It will interest you to know that the initial story that was reported took a new dimension when a close source to the family of the demise divulged the true picture of what happened between Kerry and the acclaimed herbalist.
Information has it that the customs officer whose nickname is "ajimax" never went to that Alhaji for any pregnancy concoction.  We were told that, It was just a place the hoodlums carved out to kill her. "The actual story is this: ajimax was brain washed to believe her property in Omole is bewitched by her family member by one of her friends, Lizzy a.k.a A1. This lizzy had since May 10th disappeared." Source disclosed. 
Investigation revealed that, the self acclaimed herbalist and Ajimax friend, Lizzy wanted to con her of the money she obtained from the  sale of her property.  

After much jiving it was said that Ajimax sold her house in Omole for N85m. Meanwhile, the people that Lizzy brought to buy this house,  also took ajimax to Banana Estate to purchase another property. 
We scooped that, after she paid for the house,  she was told the owner suddenly traveled abroad with keys on an emergency. Since then, Ajimax has no place to stay with her 10 - year adopted daughter while they offered to rent her a place and have her items in the storage. 
"While all this was going on, Ajimax (Angela Kerry) completely kept her families and other friends incommunicado! The only person that knows her whereabouts is Lizzy (A1)." source said. 
Further investigation revealed that, Lizzy had a store in Grammer school ojodu but had since closed and vanished when the heat got too much on her to let people know where Ajimax is. 
After several months that no family members or others have heard from her we gathered they were all worried and went to Lizzy 's store but it was found closed with the store name sign taken down. 
Alas, her body and that of her daughter was discovered in a bungalow somewhere in Ajuwon. 
However, the said herbalist according to investigation was trying to take the fall for all the culprit. His part was the providence of a place of elimination. 
We were told that Ajimax didn't give him N9m for pregnancy concoction because she's 64 year old. 
Now, the question on the lips of friends and family member is that, what happened to ajimax'house? Who are the people living there now? Who are those that took her to banana estate? The police needs to ask these question beyond what the Alhaji is divulging. 
In case you don't know, the deceased has another adopted daughter who is an adult now. But unfortunately, she left her (Angela) and ceased every contact or communication with her adopted mother; Angel Kerry
Before now, Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, paraded a suspect identified as Alhaji Olatunji Azeez, who buried a 68-year‑old retired Customs officer and her 10-year‑old adopted daughter alive in a shallow grave behind his shrine in Ajuwon, Ogun State. He said he committed the act in order to prevent the victim from demanding N9 million he used to prepare concoction for her.

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Anonymous said...

This life is very funny...the wicked ones keep living while the good ones are no where to be found..Thanks diggin d truth shokishombolo