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16 Jul 2014

JIMMY Jean-Louis, Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo, Sarodj Bertin, and Van Vicker in Houston Texas U.S.A?

“One Night In Vegas” –The Movie Premiere
Every once in a while we all get an opportunity to make a positive change in our community, an opportunity to proudly display who we are and our culture. For Africans in the diaspora, Nollywood movies are more than just entertainment; it is the tool that helps quench the longing to connect back to our roots. This is one of the main reasons why people are so passionate about the movie "One Night in Vegas".
" say the picture quality is great is an understatement. Watching the film I felt like I was in Vegas myself." - Nollywood Critics
We need your help to make the premiere of "One Night In Vegas" in Houston, Texas U.S.A a success! The deadline for your contributions ends August 25th 2014.
Nollywood Spotlight is working hand in hand with the president of Sierra Films, Mohamed Bah, and is now at the point where they are unable to gather enough funds to accommodate the movie stars who made this powerful project possible. The presence of these movie stars automatically boost the worth and morale of the entire event. In addition, this is one of the few times our Nollywood fans get to meet and greet the international movie stars they enjoy watching.

Unfortunately, the Nollywood entertainment industry is currently not on the level where actors are paid the standard appearance fee. Bringing these celebrities to this event would mean we would have to compensate them for their time, housing, transportation, and food. To contribute to this ground-breaking campaign please visit:

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