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7 Jun 2014

“Why I Featured Sanyeri In My New Video” -Fast-rising act, Tkay

Nigerian entertainment industry has produce yet another talented and lyrics rooted singer who is ready to storm the industry with his musical dexterity. His music ideaolgy started way back in 2005 when he recorded his first singer before taking a break to finish his education. The talented singer has been working underground with notable Nigerian stars up till this moment that he feels he’s ready to do 100% music. In this interview with Music Excellence the versatile artiste spoke on his new single and what makes him different from all these new generation artistes.
Tell us your full name
My name is Adafe Adetokunbo Micheal while my stage name is Tkay a.k.a baby romance. I do Afro Hip-hop. Basically, my music is an infuse yoruba, english and pidgin. My music talks about our society and cultural value. I see myself as a bridge between the older and new generation.

How was it like when you started music?
2005 was just like a breaking point for me. That was when I started recording in a studio. I worked with OJB…..that was the guy that did Baraje by Ruggedman. My song was played on several radio stations but because of financial challenges, I had to go on a lowkey for a while and face my studies. I started recording again in 2012 and God has been wonderful since then. Right now, I’m trying to push my new song and video that I did with TY Mix. It is a conbination of dance hall and our cultural heratge. The songs is presently enjoying massive airplay at the moment. We’ve tarvel to Porthacourt, Ghana and other African countries but we want it to circulate here in Nigeria so that everybody can relate with.
Where did you school and what did you study?
I went to Olabisi Onobanjo University where I studied Micro Biology.
Within the period that you were in school couple with the financial constrain, don’t you think if you had have a good stuff, it would have been possible?
It is not like the music is not a good stuff but what I was doing then wasn’t a full time. You must be able to take your music everywhere for your music to enjoy the attention you actually want. But then, there were instance that I will have somewhere to go but I can’t go because of school. Then, school was number one while music is something I love doing. But right now, music is everything. That’s the different between then and now. Though, the music now has gone through so many refinary and I’ve understand the market more than before.
What will you say makes you different from other artistes we have in the industry?
The style is different. I’ve heard people saying, I sound like this or that because of the Yoruba flavour but the style is different. When you listen to Tkay music, it is a serious music made friendly. I talk about serious issue affecting our lives. I talk about the less privilege and other societal issue but in a friendly way. The different between my sound and every other sound is that, its a rich and deep songs. I just don’t go to studio to record, it has to be something driving there has to be a force I’m fighting for. When you listen to my sound, you will know this is Tkay. From the style to the vocal dexterity. I don’t need to blow my trumpet, my fans can testify to that.
Like you said that you make a serious music in a friendly way, won’t you be force to do what the industry is crazy about when the respond is not massive as expected?
Basically, I think the beats will do the magic. The friendly aspect of my music has to do with the beat. I make sure the beat is danceable but I make sure the beat does not distract people from the message. And most of the producers I’m using are professionals who have done several hits songs but I make sure I retained the sound message and the purpose.
What was your parent reaction when you told them you want to do music after school?
I think it was kind of easy for me because i’ve been doing music even while I was in school. They knew at the back of their mind that someday, I’m going to take up music as a profession. So, when I told my mum, she wasn’t surprise but in my own family, school is the number one priority. You must go to school first before doing any other thing.
In what way will you Micro Biology influence your music?
School is good. Initially, I wanted to study Medicine but along the line I had to settle for Micro Biology because I like it. Micro Biology make me understand that everybody has a problem. And If I cannot treat you by getting specimen and all that, I can treat you with my music. I like Micro Biology but music is just the major thing for me now.
Within 2005 up till this moment, how will you describe the industry?
I think it is in 2005 that the whole thing started changing in the industry but the different between then and now is that we have heavy beats now. Music then was basically about your lyrics and your promo. But music now is all about your branding and the strength of your promo, even if the song is not so on point and you have the right people working for you, you will get there somehow. You might not last but you will get there and your face will be known. That is why I’m trying to push myself there, maybe when people listen to me they will understand that you can actually do a commercial songs and still make sense. I think Nigeria music business has grown now.
Who are your role models both in Nigeria and international?
I like 2face even though we don’t speak the same language. I like R.kelly, Sound Sultan, Asa, Beatiful Nubia and other talented artistes. Nigerian artistes are doing remarkably well.
In the next few year, where do you see yourself?
I wish I could create a niche. I don’t want to have fans, I want to have followers. In the next couple of years, I wish I can have people that will tap their chess that, you are a new Baba Fela, Ebenezer Obey and Sunny Ade. I want the image of good music.
What actually informed your name Baby Romance?
The stage name is Tkay while the Baby Romance is just an acronyms. It was given to me when I was in school then. Then I used to play Acostic Guiter and I look very small and speak deep romance lyrics and everybody started calling me that name.
What is your relationship with women generally?
It is normal. friends, we do business and talk.
Are you in any relationship?
No! My relationship is my music.
Tell us more about your management?
Now, I’m working with someone. I have a small outfit I put together with a friend of mine. At the moment, I don’t have any record label but I have a movement, me and my friend, Talk2me Records. Meanwhile, we are hoping for a bigger business if eventually we see someone who is ready to do business.
What should will be expecting next?
I just shot a video, hopefully by next week, It should be on air.                 
What will you say is the craziest thing a female fans has ever done to you?
Do I really experience that but what a female fans usually say to me is that they want to have a tatoo of me on their body when I was in school but they never had it anyway. Anytime she sees me, she will tell that, I’m still going to have a tatoo of you. Sometime you feel cool when you are not yet a Davido, 2face and people still show you love.
Don’t you feel sometimes that you should be the one people are listening to now?
I believe with time that will happen
What is the concept behind your new single?
What I’m saying in that song is that you can combine our indeginous culture with western culture. You can dance Bata wearing high heels. If you want to go crazy by sagging you trouser, you can sag your Kenbe. No matter the tatoo you have on your body, you are still africa. What you have in your body won’t change your bloodline.
Why the choice of Sanyeri in the video    
Sanyeri is a comical person and I said in that song that Sanyeri is handsome with his tribal marks.       


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