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21 Jun 2014

PINKLIP MAGIC® Can Give You SOFT, HEALTHY, PRETTY and PINKY lips in Just 7 Days!

Here is a good news to those who want to look cuter, especially smokers with ragged, black lips. There is this new interesting product called PINKLIP MAGIC® balm, which can give anyone a SOFT, HEALTHY, PRETTY and PINKY lips in Just 7 Days!

PINKLIP MAGIC® is fortified with all the herbal nutrients your lips need to stay healthy,soft and pink WITHOUT THE USE OF HARSH CHEMICALS FOUND IN MANY OF TODAY’S LIP PRODUCTS.

A lot of people used to permanently tattoo  their lips pink in the past just to have a pink lip, but this cream seem to be a novel creation from an international celebrity beautician named Bisola Ojikutu aka Bizzyaski. Yea, he's a Nigerian.

Bisola Ojikutu (pictured above) popularly known as Bizzyaski among Nigerian celebrities and other top clients, who have enjoyed his beauty services and products over the years, is a multiple award-winning, internationally certified celebrity beautician from one of California’s most popular beauty academies.

He is the CEO of Bizzyaski Studios, Africa’s most celebrated tattoo studios. He has crested tattoos for many top celebrities like Iyanya, Charly Boy, Adol and others. He even crested the breast tattoo of popular Yoruba actress Iyabo Ojo, including that of Big Brother Africa winner, Karen Igho.

Bizzyaski Studios and Bizzyaski himself was also featured in the Airtel Padi Club 10 Commercials and Billboards having been examined to be the best in the game. Bizzyaski also gave free temporary Don't Break Da Beat tattoo to guests having been contracted by Nokia for the just concluded Nokia Don’t Break Da Beat Championship.

From time immemorial, a pink Lip has always been an 'Attraction Factor' but many give up because they don't know how or where to get it. When it comes to attraction, little means so much and your Pink lip can be that 'Thing' . Having a pink Lip increases your social desirability and that’s why you often hear words like BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME, SEXY, CUTE, and CUTE SMILE used to qualify someone with a pink lip. Other benefits of having a Pink lip includes increased confidence, attraction and attention from the opposite sex. As in, a  Pink lip suggests kissability, and can simply get you a date. Bizzyaski disclosed that PINKLIP MAGIC® used to be a product he sells to only Nigerian celebs in the past, but he is now making it available to everybody out there at a very affordable rate. Bizzyaski pink sexy lips in the above photo was made possible by PINKLIP MAGIC® which he uses as well.

It’s pretty simple…Just apply the balm 2/3 times daily to your lips. You’ll achieve noticeable results within a week, soft skin tissues will be revitalised and their natural pinkish colour will be restored. Use continuously for sustained result. Among thousands of our users, a
normal usage will make the darker pigments gradually fade out within 7 days to 2 weeks at maximum.

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