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8 Jun 2014

"I Need More Singles To Reunite With My Fans" -Kondo Master, Dr Pat

American, New York City Based Rapper Patrick Nwokolo popularly called “Dr Pat” also known as Kondo Master has just made a return to the music industry with a brand new hit single “ANACONDA” featuring Nigerian’s own legendary hip-hop veteran Producer “YOUNG-D. the Anambra state born act recently spoke to Anozie Egole on what he’s up to and why he’s been off the scene.

You've been off the scene for a while?
Yes, I’ve been away from the scene for quite sometime because I’ve been in the USA working and doing music because that’s what I love to do. At the same time, being in America is like a cleansing and healing therapy for me. Basically, my being in the states is just to get my mind back to where its supposed to be so I would be able to refocus and get back on the scene the right way this time around.

Tell us about your new song Anaconda?
Basically, few years back I dropped “Hotter Than Fire” and there was a phrase which stood out in “Hotter Than Fire” which everybody called KONDO, and due to the fact that the phrase was so strong at that particular time, a whole lot of artistes tapped into the phrase which is good. At the end of the day, people decided to tag as me not just Dr Pat anymore but Dr Pat a.k.a Kondo Master. Then I decided to come up with something bigger and different in its own way, so I laid back and thought about it and the anaconda thing came to play. I started writing and putting it together in such a way that it would be a song anyone could listen to, dance to and enjoy. I also had to consider the trend of music in Nigeria now because I’ve not been in the country for quite sometime. Putting the song together was great because I had Young D around in America to stay with me for sometime. Actually, he came around with his wife to be delivered of their baby boy, so we were together for almost 3 months. During the time we were together, we came up with great songs and one of them was “anaconda”.
After this song, what’s next?
Dr Pat is a brand that a whole lot of fans out there haven’t really realized and that needs to be brought into existence by letting people know how big of a brand Dr Pat is as a person and as an artiste. Also, Dr pat will be coming  up with more singles, I’ve been out of the scene and I really need to refresh people’s memory because the last time people heard from me was when I released “Hotter Than Fire”, so I need to drop more singles for my fans out there.
Would you be dropping an album anytime soon?
Not really, because right now I’m just trying to re-register myself back into the minds of my fans and I need more singles in order to reunite with all my fans out there. So right now it’s all about dropping hit singles and then I’ll probably look into dropping an album towards the end of the year or probably the beginning of next year.
What has been your greatest challenge in life?My greatest challenge has been getting back on my feet because we fall once in a lifetime and we work really hard to get back up. Achieving greater heights in life isn’t always very  easy, we encounter ups and downs and falling down in the midst of all these brings one back to the bottom of ones career. But when you put in your best to climb the ladder once again, there’s joy. I’ve been through so much and I’m getting back on my feet.  Glory be to GOD
Looking at your career now, would you say you are successful?Basically, I’m so far from being successful but one thing I’d say is that I thank GOD for my life and for where I am right now. But in my wildest dream, I see myself beyond just being successful. my team and I are working really hard to get there. Right now we are still a little fish in the big ocean trying to become a shark.
Away from music, what else do you do?I work like every other person, I work as a fire safety director in America and it’s a 9am – 5pm job, but music is everything to me, its my heart, my goal, my passion. I’m sure when next I’m asked these questions I’d have much more answers for you.
What’s been your happiest moment in life?I give glory to God for all he has done in my life because I know there are many people out there who wish to be in my shoes, but my happiest moments are yet to come and I really look forward to it soon.
Would you be relocating to Nigeria any time soon?Nigeria is my home and I love my country so I would definitely relocate to Nigeria. But America is like my second home and I would always come back for vacation

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