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19 Jun 2014

Fuji Music Stars, Pasuma, Malaika In Superiority War “I’m the power of Fuji House”-Pasuma “Intelligence supersedes power”-Malaika

Fuji music star, Alhaji Sulaimon Adekunle a.k.a. Malaika, and his counterpart, Alhaji Wasiu Ajibola a.k.a Pasuma, penultimate Friday, engaged in a supremacy tussle.
Sources alleged that, Pasuma started the indirect verbal punch when he mounted the stage to sing at a younger musician, Isa Mirinder’s album launch in Mushin, Lagos.
In his alleged proverbial lyrics, Pasuma had said no matter the name or title that some Fuji musicians called themselves, he (Pasuma) remained the power of Fuji Music House, boasting that that was why he is respected all over.
Barely had he left the stage than we were told Malaika who prides himself as the ‘Alaiyeluwa’ (his royal majesty) of Fuji, jumped on the stage and grabbed the microphone to respond in like manner.
We heard that Malaika’s fans at the event became uncomfortable with Pasuma’s challenge. They were said to have first noticed Pasuma’s alleged pomposity when Malaika came into the venue and was exchanging pleasantries with him.
No one could say whether they had disagreement before then. Now, when Malaika took the microphone, we gathered that he wasted no time in replying Pasuma.
Those who captured the drama told us that, Malaika’s first reaction was very direct. He had allegedly pointed to Pasuma in lyrics that, ‘life is not about power. If you are very intelligent you could capture the world at large’. Intelligent people rule the world not by mere power’.

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