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23 May 2014

“I Can’t Compete With Quack Musicians”

-African China Boast
For some years now, little or nothing has been heard about the talented Ghetto singer, African China. This time around the talented cool dude is not ready to change from what he’s known with which is attacking the government to do what is right. In this interview Shokishombolo's Blog, he talked about why he has not been competing with the reigning artistes. He said "
I have been silent because I could not compete with the whole thing happening in the industry, the whole cock and bull shit, people not being able to sing song that will have relevance in the next two to five years. The kinds of songs they play these days are kind of songs that last for two, three to six months."
"We will rate the industry to be a wonderful one now. The industry is big, trusts me, am enjoying everything. The figure is very big now, but when it comes to the music aspect, I would say we have talented guys in the industry with wonderful voices, but lyrical content is zero. But when it comes to voices, I rate as number one and when it comes to the pay, we are number one." The talented dude concluded

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