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11 Apr 2014

“I sell happiness for a living”

-Renowned Comedian, Bovi

Bovi is definitely not leaving any stone unturned as he continued to soar high in the comedy world. Presently, the talented cool dude as been smiling to the bank for doing what he knows how to do best which is making people laugh. In this interview with Music Excellence, the creative comedian spoke on his career and what has been the secret so far.
How was 2013 as an entertainer and what should your fans expect in 2014?
The year was amazing. 2013 was a very busy year for me with so much to thank God for. So many jobs and endorsement. It was the year my wife and I welcomed another beautiful angel into the family, that's my daughter. I also had my maiden stand-up comedy show at the Eko Hotel which was a huge success. I'm just grateful to God. I hope 2014 will be better with more good news. I'm just trusting God.

Most people feel that you are  reserved, why is that?
They are very right. I'm someone that loves my privacy and can be very shy. The only thing that brings out that outgoing and outspoken personality in me is just comedy. A lot of people see me in person and they think I am different from the Bovi I see on stage. So I would say the Bovi comedian is different from the Bovi off stage.
Isn't that ironic, you talk too much and make people laugh on stage but now you are claiming to be very reserved?
The truth is that most people's personalities are different from what they exhibit on their jobs. I just think that your job has a way of bringing out a different person in you especially if you are passionate about it. So like I've said, I'm a very private and simple person, though I've lost the privacy.
You are also an actor, how has it been integrating acting with comedy?
Acting is in my blood as much as comedy. My first sitcom, ‘Extended Family’, came out in 2007 and it was very popular among Nigerians. As you may already know, I studied Theatre Arts at Delta State University, so I'm a professional actor. What I just plan to do is to take it a step further in 2014. Nigerians will see me at my best not only as a comedian but as an actor, producer and script writer in 2014. My plans for the year are really tight. There will be so much to look out for.
What should we expect from you as regards your comedy show, 'Man On Fire'?
In fact, I can't explain how much plan we are putting in place to make the second edition surpass the maiden one. Everyone saw how the maiden edition went, and not every time you have a first time show to do that well. So the challenge is on us to make the 2014 edition even bigger with newer ideas introduced. I'm already at the drawing table. It's tough organising events in this environment, but we are getting there. There are always challenges but we decided to ignore the challenges and just see all the possibilities.
I know you are married but the way ladies hover around you shows you are a ladies’ man, how have you been coping?
I don't know what you mean by ladies hover around me, when I'm even being jealous of all these musicians. I've always told people that musicians get all the ladies. Ladies will see musicians like 2face or P-Square and lose composure, some of them will even faint. Some will hug them and start planting kisses all over their faces but when they see a comedian, all they do is say “ah Bovi, so this is you?" Then they laugh and run away. What's that? Musicians are enjoying.
What gives you fulfillment about being a comedian?
I can't say that I'm fulfilled yet because I'm just starting as a comedian, but my passion is just to make people happy. I sell happiness for a living. I want people to laugh and also be touched and that's the part of my job I like the most; when I know that I've really performed and make people happy.
How do you make people happy?
You'll know as a comedian. You can tell with the connection between you and your audience. Nigerians are really hard to please, but when people are just glued to the edge of their seats and holding on to every one of your words during a show, then you know you have touched them. They can't just stop laughing and smiling.
Has there been a show you felt you haven't really made the audience happy as you should have?
Every comedian has encountered that at one point or another in his/her career. I've had mine but the truth is that the more experience you get, the more you are able to overcome that challenge.
Who are your role models?
My role models are many. Jesus is my number one role model because I want to be like him but I'm not ready to die for any sinner. If you commit a sin, you are on your own. Apart from that, everybody that's impacting the world is my role model naturally.
Different comedians tell the same joke over and over, must you guys copy yourself because this is really getting out of hand. Any comment?
That's one of the challenges we are currently facing and every industry has its challenges. I'll just appeal to Nigerians to bear with us for now. The industry is still developing and that's why you have this kind of problem. You'll always find people coming to spoil the work for those who are really working hard to stand out. I mean it's really disheartening when a comedian did a good job to come up with a brilliant joke and someone else who also calls himself a comedian goes to a different event to crack the same joke. That's intellectual property theft! People like that are giving the rest of us a bad name. But like I said a time to separate the real professionals from the gatecrashers is coming.
Finally, what do you have to say about your family?
There is nothing like having a family. It gives you something beyond yourself to live for. My family has always been a source of inspiration. I thank God for giving me a great wife and lovely children.
You already have two children, any plan for more?

For me, life is a series of moments. I always make the most of each one as it comes. So I just move with life and allow the moments to take its course. Already, God has blessed us with a boy and girl, we are looking forward to what the future holds.

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