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30 Apr 2014

Ghanian Loses Life After Employing Quack Mallam To Cut His Belu-Belu (Tonsil)

As some are celebrating Easter with joy and happiness, some are mourning, walling in tears. This is the story of a young and hardworking man, Nene, a Ghanian who resides in Agege, a suburb in Lagos who kicked the pocket after he employed a Mallam to help him cut his Tonsils popularly known as 'Belu-Belu'. Information has it that, immediately the Mallam finished the cutting, he started feeling pains all over his body complaining of backache, headache and other unfamiliar complain. Prior to that, we learnt, he was rush to the hospital for proper medical check up but unfortunately for him, he couldn't stand the pain but to give up the ghost. The guy in question just got married with a year old baby. Meanwhile, some said, his death has spiritual attack while some said he

should have gone to the hospital for professionals to prescribed the right antidote that will bring back his Tonsils to normal rather than engaging a local Mallam. It will interest you to know that, tonsils are two clumps of tissue, on either side of the throat, embedded in a pocket at the side of the palate (roof of the mouth). The lower edge of each tonsil is beside the tongue...way in the back of the throat. The adenoids are a single clump of tissue in the back of the nose (nasopharynx). They are located (in the adult) on the back wall of the throat (pharynx)...about one inch above the uvula (the little teardrop shaped piece of tissue that hangs down in the middle of the soft palate). In case you don't know, Belu-belu or Beriberi is either caused by the enlargement of your tonsils or by an inflammation of the tonsils. Sometimes, its gives you constant headache, sore throat, fever and the likes and you don't know what to do whether to cut it or not instead you consult your doctor according to reports.

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