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13 Apr 2014

Customized i-phones Shared At The Presidential Wedding Stirs Up More Controversy!

The photos above hit the blogosphere yesterday to a lot of backlash 
but the Malivelihood boss - who broke the news and announced that 
he customized the i-phones - has now deleted all his statements.
After ranting about how he got the contract to design the customized items 
for the wedding and thanking GEJ for giving him the contract, 
the Malivelihood boss is now saying something else.
He is now denying that they were gifts and just actually 
about 10 in number #yimu.
Many peeps have reacted by mocking the dude 
he had probably bn contacted by SSS for exposing 
the heavy spending of GEJ so he's bn forced to retract
 his statement, they say!

Snapshot of what he wrote see snapshot of his tweet today!

View image on Twitter   
"I give many people free gift for wedding , ceremony, birthday all that time , 
Don't understand why this is a problem. 
Don't understand why giving out Free gift is a problem 
#Nigeria new" he tweeted.
So what do we believe now?

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