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21 Mar 2014

OSUPA PROSTRATES, RECONCILES WITH K1 DE ULTIMATE! …How Fijabi settled their rift …Pasuma absent

The carnival-like weddings of the daughters of K1 de Ultimate which held recently recorded a lot of notable moments, amongst which was the re-conciliation of K1 and Saheed Osupa. It should be recalled that the Fuji singers have always been at logger-heads as could be noticed from some of the abusive tracks that they have recorded against each other in the past. However, the Nikhai ceremony provided ample opportunity for them to be reconciled. 
Our correspondent observed that Ibadan High Chief, socialite, and a very close friend of Wasiu, Akinade Fijabi was the person who set the grounds for the 'reunion' as he brought both artistes together on Sunday, March 9th, 2014 at K1's palatial mansion in Ijebu-Ode. Osupa who sat quietly at a corner of the venue was not free at the wedding as he was feeling quite uncomfortable, until Fijabi, who was a member of the planning committee, went to him and took him to meet Wasiu to settle the fight between them. 
Osupa prostrated fully for K1, and the latter in turn prayed for him, wishing him well in his endeavours. Fijabi, who even stood as the father to one of the brides, was more like the right-hand man of K1 throughout the week-long celebrations as he could be seen taking instructions from Wasiu and running round to make sure everything went smoothly.
Meanwhile, an inside source confirmed to Shokishombolo that K1 sent out invitation cards and traditional caps used for the occasion to top Fuji musicians in the country, so it came as a surprise to many when top Fuji artiste, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma was glaringly absent at the important event. Many were taken back by Pasuma's absence because they believed that the rift between him and K1 had ended. However, according to a guest at the party, “I already knew that Pasuma would not come. 
Have you forgotten what happened at Murphy Afolabi's movie premiere when Pasuma couldn't perform after K1? I believe Pasuma is still not happy over the incident. Anyway, the important thing is that, the three weddings were a huge success. As you can see for yourself, everybody had more than enough to eat and drink.” Other Fuji artistes at the event include Malaika, Taiye Currency, Atawewe and others. K1 BROKERS PEACE BETWEEN MALAIKA AND KOLADE ONANUGA! The raging battle between erstwhile friends, Sulaimon Adio aka Mailaka and Kolade Onanuga has finally been doused at the wedding ceremony of K1 de Ultimate's daughter. 
Shokishombolo's correspondent witnessed the reconciliation as K1 buried the hatchet between the friends. K1 was walking with Onanuga when they ran into Malaika with his retinue of aides, who just walked into the venue. Like he was expected to do, Malaika went straight to K1 to pay homage and congratulate him on the memorable occasion. K1 wasted no time in seizing the occasion to finally end the rift between the one-time close friends. He admonished the two friends to put aside whatever caused the quarrel and hug themselves. The duo promptly complied, dissolving in smiles as they patted each other on the back.

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