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22 Mar 2014

‘I Would Really Love To Have Sight To See My Wife’s Face But…….’ Cobhams Asuquo Recounts

Music producer and singer, Cobhams Asuquo, tells Punch about his wife, childhood and music career in a recent interview
Read excerpts below:
Were there times you wish you had the gift of sight?
None that I can remember. I think I have overcome the desire for sight. I know it is a beautiful thing and it is absolutely necessary. Life is interesting and you do not know what it is going to throw at you, and for me, I am grateful for the gift of life. I enjoy my life and I don’t think I sit and imagine what my life would be like if I could see. Quite honestly, I want to see for stupid reasons. I want to see because I want to learn how to play golf. I am an optimist by nature and I don’t think I walk around saying I want to see. One other reason I would really love to have sight is to see my wife’s face but I have the privilege of touching it which is much better than seeing it.

Have people at anytime taken advantage of the fact that you are visually impaired?
I can’t remember. Maybe it has happened, I really cannot remember and I do not want to make up stories. I believe that you attract your kind. I have known very kind-hearted, wonderful, sensitive people; not people who want to take advantage of me. My prayer is never to meet people that want to take advantage of me. I think I am a lucky person. I have not had any of the terrible experiences I hear happen to some other blind people.
How is marriage for you?
I absolutely love it. It has made me more responsible. You have to keep promises, dates, be attentive and most importantly, you have to be a provider. I love it. I love it when I am investing my time in my child or in my wife even if it is giving them a listening ear. I love looking out for my family. It is a place of responsibility but it is also a great place to be.
How did you meet your wife?
My wife is a very practical person. I met her in a library; we were not supposed to be talking but I thank God we talked. We became great friends and it took us years before we began to date. Because she is a very practical and sensible person, she took her time to consider if it was something she really wanted to do. Between us both, I do my best to live a normal life. I do my best to be the man in her life. What is important is not visual impairment but how much of a man you can be in your woman’s life. Can I protect her, give her love, receive love from her and be grateful? There are so many components to a well-grounded life beyond sight. I think she is a very broad minded person and that has helped our relationship a lot.

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