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27 Feb 2014

How Shina Peters failed Clarence Peters, abandoned Clarion and his big plans to make up!

It became worrisome when the legendary 'Afro Juju' singer said: 
‘Technically we are professionals. If I ask Clarence ‘If I want you to shoot this video’, I must pay him. If Clarence wants me to do something with him, he must pay me but the love that we share is like a bond‘. 

Revealing he left the 19 years actress, Chioma Chukwuka and her son - the now famed music video director Clarence Peters to fend for themselves. 

In 2010, Mother to famed video director, Clarence Peters and actress, Clarion Chukwura dole out the entire deets on Shina Peters, the irresponsible father. He impregnated the actress but left her to ridicule: 

"My mother threw me out when I was pregnant with Clarence. The only way I coped was through the help of people, like Professor Wole Soyinka, who suggested I should go for pregnancy test." 

Even with the Nobel Leaurate interference, her mother was unflinching and young Shina Peters was no where in the pictures: 

"When it was confirmed and I told him I wanted to keep it he said fine. Soyinka was my Head of Department and he took me away from hard and physical tasks in my class. Even Chief Olu Aboderin, publisher of Punch Newspapers, went to my mother and tried to make her see reason; yet, my mother remained adamant. He then found me a place to stay in Ibadan" 

Shina Peters left her for good, he was going to accept responsibility, She told the SUN: 

"That time the whole world seemed against me and I was always crying. Not even Shina Peters, father of the child, was there for me. He abandoned me, but that’s not important for now. That’s the past. I was sad and angry because I felt lonely. People thought that once you’re pregnant your life has ended." 

In the last five years, he has not stopped making up from calling Clarence Peters - heavenly to Clarence making excuses for him: 

"I didn’t grow up with my father; rather I grew up with my mother, Clarion Chukwura. Most of what I know about my father are what a lot of people know about him." renowned video director recently disclosed

All he has with his father in a relationship that began five years ago is described thus: 
"We have an artistic relationship." 
"We never had any such time. I started having a relationship with him five years ago" 

As expected as a kid, he felt a remorse for his father: 

"Initially, I didn’t want to do music. I never wanted to be involved in it. When I was young, I examined my father’s mistakes and flaws and decided I didn’t want to inherit any of them. I stayed away from piano lessons and other music-related things that could stimulate my interest. I know I love music and pictures. It was later that the passion came naturally. I had wanted to play football. However, football didn’t come naturally to me but film, music and pictures did. I am not sure I embraced entertainment because it is my father’s area. I didn’t grow with that. I think the influence grew from my mother’s encouragement in ensuring that I was constantly in a creative environment." 

Clarence Peter's road to acclaim had no input from his father's legacy as he explained here: "I am one of those whose fathers’ good names have yet to open doors for. It is because I started my career from the scratch. I have been a personal assistant, sound engineer and music producer from the scratch to the top."

His Mother has gone on to marry Femi Oduneye and Tunde Abiola before him. She has an interesting opinion on Nigerian men: 

"The problem is that men are just full of themselves. They have large doses of carryover from the generation of their parents and grand parents. I would say that the greater percentage of Nigerian men are players. " 

How Shina Peters intends to ultimately make up for abandoning the actress and his son, who is the most sought after music video director across Africa? 

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