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21 Feb 2014

Divorce Saga! Hubby Dragged Abuja Society Lady Tola Solomon To Court For Divorce

For the past few month now, Abuja society lady, Tola Solomon who we said was in messy divorce drama with her husband, Otunba Kole Solomon has been dragged to court. According to information made available to the woman has been dragged before the Maraba Judicial Division High Court of Nasarawa State. In case you have not been following the story, this couple had been married for 20 years, blessed with grown-up children and have lived in London for most part of their lives.  Shokishombolo learnt that they both took the decision to return to Nigeria to invest. Their first choice of location was Lagos, but when they got to Lagos and could not cope with the hustling, bustling and busy life of Lagos city, they decided to invest in Abuja.
One of their uncles who is based in Abuja invited them to Abuja and they found Abuja interesting and acquired land to build two duplexes in their choice area.
However it was gathered that Otunba Solomon before he left UK borrowed 300,000 pounds for the investment.
The architect/contractor that built the two duplexes was introduced to Otunba Solomon by his wife, Tola. The amount agreed upon to build the mansion was N40million of which Otunba Solomon paid.
Otunba Solomon later left for UK and told his wife to monitor the construction. Information at our disposal has it that shortly after Otunba got to London; the contractor notified him that the N40million could not complete the construction of the duplex; that he had to add N30million.
When Otunba Solomon could not provide the money, it was gathered that he approached Oceanic Bank for N10million loan and also sold the property which was willed to him by his late father to the same contractor to balance the additional N30million.
After completing the duplexes, the contractor we learnt handed the keys of the buildings to Otunba Kole Solomon. Thereafter, in his efforts to return to the UK and strategize on how to pay back the loans, he handed over the keys of the duplexes to his wife, Tola.
Later, it was discovered that the contractor was sleeping in Otunba Solomon’s duplex with Otunba’s Solomon’s wife without Otunba’s consent. Otunba Solomon who was in Australia when he was informed of this development cut short his traveling without informing his wife and gave a surprised visit to his Abuja residence. Otunba Solomon was shocked to meet the contractor at home with his wife in a relaxed mood.
As we were informed, Otunba Solomon took an action that made the contractor take to his heels and run for his dear life. Hence the tyres of his car were deflated. After a while, our source said Otunba left home to relax at a joint very close to his house, only to return home later and discovered that his house has been mounted by policemen and soldiers by his wife and her accomplice. He was arrested and taken to police station but was later released by the DPO in charge of his case in Abuja.
Meanwhile, since she relocated to Abuja, beautiful Tola has made lots of society friends and they go to society events together. However, Tola with the support of his alleged new lover according to our source are battle ready to file a divorce case against Otunba Solomon. As if that was not enough, all the documents that were made in the name of the Otunba Solomon have been allegedly changed to the name of his wife, Tola. Meanwhile, we also gathered that, Tola has been trying all her possible best to make sure the court did not sit over the issue since what she’s getting is not favourable. We scooped he has been calling all the who is who to come to her aids in other to get her husband out of the way.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how someone like this can sleep at night and be seen as a "LADY" in nigerian society.

To me this is just what Nigerians are seen for in the eyes of the rest of the world.
and so should be treated as such.

If the nigerian society can make a lady and her boyfriend like this society PETS then really there is NO HOPE for this country at all.
Every one will be seen as a THIEF

Further more can Nigerians still look down at the white society and say our morals are better then theirs. I really dont think so.

Nigerian law less morals have over taken the whites. At least in that society the law is still the law not who can pay the most

Just my simple view