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27 Feb 2014

Actor Solomon Akiyesi’s Father-in-law Returns His Wife’s Bride Price

Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi who was embarrassed last year by his pregnant wife, Lilian Akiyesi  when he was trying to wed another woman in a church when she stormed the venue and scattered the wedding faces a new challenge.
Solomon Akiyesi  was recently invited over to Port-Harcourt by his in-laws and there he was given a refund of the bride price he paid on Lilian – his second wife and the mother of his daughter.

The meeting held in Port Harcourt on February 13, 2014 and Solomon’s estranged Father in law told him without mincing words that his daughter was no longer interested in staying married to him and thus they wanted to use the opportunity to return the dowry.
Solomon who had thought he was going for some re-conciliatory meeting, happily collected and pocketed his money.
Confirming the news, Solomon in an exclusive interview said “yes it is a fact…”
When asked how he felt on receiving the refund, he said:
“I’m a loving and very kind individual and had great dreams of having a family and expending my love on same so it’s not a sweet story to tell when you lose a family and a loving one at that. It hurts but am I miserable? The answer is NO! No! No!!”
When asked about the welfare of his daughter, he said “ I don’t wanna talk about an innocent child…”
On the bride price “I’m not to publicly declare my ex wife’s bride price…the value you give for a bride price is what you are given back.”

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