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18 Jan 2014

Generator Fumes Tragedy! Man Found Dead With Lover At New House

It’s mysterious and amazing as the day of joy later turned to the day of sorrow for an aged manm Biodun who died with his lover, Rasidat when they inhaled the fumes of generator in their sleep.
Our findings revealed that, Biodun who had just completed his bungalow and had prepared for the house warming penultimate Sunday with his lover was found dead in their bedroom the day the house warming was supposed to be held.
A source revealed to us that a cow and other items needed for wining dinning  with the guests had already been bought before their untimely death.
“Biodun and his partner Rasidat were in good mood on Saturday, a day before the house warming as people had rejoiced with them in preparation for the ceremony, before they bade them goodnight.
There was no light and the celebrant with his lover decided to put on the generator. Surprisingly, the following morning, people didn’t see them on time, they started calling their numbers but they didn’t pick the call.
 When they approached the celebrant’s house, the door was locked. At that point, they forced the door open and went straight to their bedroom, only to find the celebrant and his lover stone dead, having defecated in the bedroom.

Sympathizers who visited the scene could not hide their feeling as they expressed their different opinions. While some said what happened was not ordinary, some believe it’s an act of God. Whichever way you see it, you’ll agree that this is a havoc that could be avoided if we are conscious.

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