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26 Dec 2013

OGD Remains The Only Political Light In Ogun State - Ogun State Labour Party Leader, Eng. Feyisola Olusegun

Engineer, Deacon Feyisola Olusegun Micheal is a civil engineer by training and a grassroots Labour Party Leader in Ogun state In this Interview, this amicable, Sociable, Kind, Philanthropist, and articulate lovely dude spoke about the leadership of Labour Party, the resolution among other issues…

How will you describe yourself?
My name are Engineer Deacon Feyisola Olusegun Micheal, I’m a civil engineer by training, now practicing consultancy. I’m also a grassroots politician from Ago Iwoye, in Ijebu North Local Government, Ogun state. I am a member of the Labour Party of Nigeria. We are trusting God that Labour party is the party to beat come 2015, especially in the South – Western parts of Nigeria. In view of the network going on to deliver the Yoruba land of the shackles and bondage of the emperors that are claiming to be the Yoruba leaders in the name of our late and reverend Obafemi Awolowo but rather doing the opposite.
What’s your stance on the event going on in Ogun state labour Party?
My stance is for equal opportunity and justice intended with the
national leadership trace of the party on the level playground and for the party to grow
in accordance with the national leadership example and the constitution of the party

We were aware of your meeting with the former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel whom are learnt is now the Ogun State overall leader of Labour Party, what was the meeting about?
The truth of the matter is that the leadership of labour party has been going to Otunba Gbenga Daniel to forgive his detractors, especially in Ogun State, Moreso that the people have now seen that all his predicaments especially toward the end of his tenure of his eight years governance in Ogun state were a ruse. Sincerely speaking, without sentiment, thought we were not with them, we were watching the sceneries as if it was football and we were able to fathom what happened, we knew people were just unnecessarily nonsensical and putting selfish interest into the issue of politics in Ogun state in order to run his government down then and everybody knew how well OGD fought the battle to survive his political life. Everybody can see that OGD is above board in his dealings with the government of Ogun State in his running of the government then can tell you categorically that OGD in the Supremost leader of Labour party in Ogun state. He didn’t really come easy to him. The party has been persuading and begging him. And because we know he has not completed his work for Ogun State, You know when God sent you a message and you didn’t finish it. He would look for another way to get you to complete the job. We let OGD realized why he must lead the Labour Party in Ogun State. We know the other parties in Ogun state are in crisis; PDP has their problem, APC is also battling with theirs too. You can see the performance of APC in Ogun state and other states are nothing to write home about but the truth of the matter is, all glory be to God to a very great extent, we have persuade OGD to rekindle the mission of our fore-fathers with his own mission to rebuild Ogun State. As I’m talking to you, some of us are very elated that he accepted
to come and lead Ogun state Labour Party from the shackles of backward governors. Notwithstanding the news that are giving around that OGD is this, OGD is that, it is evident and incontrovertible fact that as at of today in Ogun State, that so many people of timber and caliber in politics have come out from, and also two former head of states, OGD remains the only leading political lights in Ogun State. You can see all those people that have called him different names in the past are now coming out to apologize. Some even prayed to God to have mercy on them.

It was learnt that you had a meeting with Ondo State governor Olusegun Mimiko, OGD and other National excos of Labour Party what was the outcome of the meeting?
The meeting was called by his Excellency governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State and the leadership of Labour Party, Nationally. The reason is because at a point now in the very recent times, we started experiencing infiltration in Labour Party, especially in the exco membership. From the security reports, we were able to discover that some politicians in Ogun State that know that OGD is by all means to truncate the mission of God in his life and in the lives of Ogun state people. They infiltrated our exco members, going on the air, maligning the name of OGD. The national leadership has already given instruction that OGD should coordinate labour party in Ogun State, now is a different ball games entirely compared to the old labour party that we have in 2011 when I contested for national house of Assembly in 2011. now you have the consent of OGD’S family; political giants and gladiators, we had to cry to his governer Olusegun Mimiko and the National Chairman, Barrister Dan Iwuayanwu and other national leaders of the party that of you really want to help us in Ogun State and make sure that Labour party takes charge in 2015 then. The leadership of Labour Party is very disciplined. They had to call everybody and graciously also invited the former governor of Ogun
State, OGD for us to come and jawjaw in order not to war – war. We have all these and this is the second time we will be there and it was resolved. The Akure resolution was such that even before the national leaders pronounced the resolution, all the members both old and new have spoken in one voice that we need a leader that will take us to the Promised Land in 2015.
That was why we were begging OGD to come on board to Labour Party. The self appointed other party; Awolowo of those days who is behaving contrary to Awolowo’s belief. See the way they bombarded election in Ondo State, but with the structure we have in Labour Party, See the way the Ondo people supported us.

What’s your mission politically in 2015?
As a leader my people are clamoring for me to contest in the Federal house of representative. Of course, I will be representing Ogun water side, Ijebu North and East at the Federal constituency, we are prepared to revive Ogun State.

How do you think OGD can save the Labour party of OGun State? 
OGD phenomenon is there and the detractors are trying to run him down. An average Ogun state can see what governance is now and they saw what governance was during the tenure of OGD as governor of Ogun State. They now know that all they have been saying is fallacy against him and we in the Labour Party and outside the scope of Labour party in Ogun State have made up our minds never to allow politics of vendetta, wickedness, lies, mediocres to exist in Ogun state again. Let us ask ourselves, is it only OGD that has passed through the leadership of Ogun state? Where were those people that claimed to have brought OGD into
Governance, Are they saint? What’s the sin of OGD? Come to think of it, to err is human and to forgive is divine. Ogun state is a peculiar state. The issue of whether OGD would survive the leadership of Labour party does not even come to arise. We have refused to be deceived any longer and we will do everything within our power to protect our home. I can assure you that as far as Ogun State is concerned, never again, will we allow OGD to be rubbished

OBJ letter to President Jonathan; what’s you reaction to it?
We all believe president’s Jonathan is political son of former president Obasanjo. I saw the issue among them as a father to son issue. But if at all a son offend his father, the father should be able to talk to him privately and settle with him, not coming to the public to scold his son. It’s a family issue they should settle it among themselves

We learnt that the three musketeers who still parade themselves as the Chairman of Ogun state Labour party after their tenure elapsed in November 2013 has said that the meeting that was held in Akure with the governor of Ondo State was illegal, now will you react to this?
Why should they said the meeting that had the national excos of Labour Party, OGD, the Governor of Ondo State, top members of Labour party in attendance an illegal meeting. They should be get arrested for uttering such statement if we get to confirm truly that they truly uttered such statement.

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