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15 Nov 2013


The man that see it all Dr chris okafor is in good mood now as his church mountain of liberation and miracle ministry aka, Liberation city marks Ten years of existence with lot of achievement recorded so far, in this interview the Oracle of God as he is fondly call bears is mind on the church at ten,the focus of the church and the state of the nation, enjoy the interview
How has the journey been so far?
In every task in life, whatever task, whatever endeavor, there is one or more challenges, but as a result of the God-given activity who has given the mandate not to fail, it is forceful for you, when you see obstacle, you see it as an opportunity for taking you to the next level, any man that wants to be great without obstacle it means the man is not really ready to go far. So obstacle is part of life, challenges are part of life; even Lion being the king of the jungle is still having some obstacles. It is the king of the jungle but some flies would still come around his ears, he would still have to wave them off.  These are challenges and obstacles in life by which no great man, nobody that want to go to the level of whatever call God has called him that would  not meet all these obstacles but the most important  thing is how you are able to turn the obstacles into testimony and this is nothing but the hand of God and with determination you will definitely get to where you are going to that is what we have to do.

Liberation Mountain will soon do its ten anniversaries, what has been your challenges and success so far?
Well as you can see we already have a lot of plans already on the ground going on now.  The major mandate which God has given me is to add one billion souls to the kingdom of God and that is what forms whatever agenda of what we are doing.  Without your mandate every other thing you are doing is out of it.  The mandate is so much, that is why you see us travelling from one nation to the other, from one city to the other, in order to make sure we achieve the mandate of one billion souls and I am proud to tell you that we have gone very far and another thing we have going on to make sure we get to achieve this target God has given us, we now have our own television station, liberation TV, and it is another way of reaching to millions. We usually have our live telecast anytime we are having service and God is helping us to acquire more properties to accommodate people coming from different part of the world and from all works of life, then, we are also trying to increase the capacity of the widows, we are currently /presently reaching now because we have over 3000 widows we are catering for no, we have also included orphans to it. We are trying to raise a microfinance bank, by the grace of God, as God gives us the enablement, the basis of doing this is not for any self interest but for us to empower the widows, negligent, orphanages, less privileged e.t.c, that is the only way you can get a crowd, before you talk to a man, telling him to embrace Christ you must make sure the person is a little alright   .  You don’t  go talk to people who are not sure where their first meal would come from, like Jesus did when he preached to the people he gave them something to eat, so it is part of the mandate , not just giving to the widows every month, every now and then, but moving from level to making them have the cash. If you teach a woman how to catch fish, you have automatically save the family  and by so doing, they are now independent no longer dependent to anybody. So they know what to do to make money and not be in a beggarly situation. So if the church can do that and the government should take a leaf from this.
What is so special about Liberation city Ten years anniversary?
Normally, it is a celebration of grace, power, we want to celebrate what God has been doing  in this commission and what has kept us going, you see   people coming from different places all over the world, coming to liberation city, they are not coming because they want to dance, they are coming here because God is doing something here. This is a place where the captives are set free, people are given meaning to live again in life. During the retreat , there is going to be mighty, mighty liberation, people will be liberated, God will give people direction, sick people will be healed, people with all kinds of loads, God will take it off from them and God will give them a cause to live again. It is a celebration of grace, freedom, celebration of God’s grace upon this great commission.
There are lot of things that is not in our character to perform but we allow people to see what we are doing, like when we began liberation TV within few months ago liberation TV came up and now I can tell you authoritatively by the grace of God, by the church and some of the partners, some acres of land has been acquired, believing God by next year w will start up from the kindergarten to the secondary school and probably in the next 3-4 years, we should set up liberation university, all registration is in progress right now.
Nigeria has been described as a fail state politically, what is your take on this?
We have said it again and again, I don’t think it is reasonable to keep on saying a word, from church perspective remember the bible says the government shall be upon his shoulders, we are to orchestrate the  activities   of the government from the spiritual point of view so we don’t keep doing one thing again and again expecting a different result. So we have said it again and again about the revelation that God says, 2chronicles 7:14 “if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and repent from their sins, from heaven will I hear and their prayers will I answer and I will heal their land. So what Nigeria need right now is healing, the land needs healing. It will be stupid or foolish of a farmer to go and begin to till a barren land  to sow seed on it when he knows that the land is barren and the only time you can sow effectively  in such land is only by what they call fire brigade approach, but as it is right now, what the country needs is prayer, instead of praying they are talking about national dialogue that is not what the country needs, what the country needs is nothing but prayers.
Some Nigerian press has written damaging articles about you and the church, how do you feel about those report?
In life nobody write about a mad man, there are two set of people nobody they don’t write about, the people in the mortuary and cemetery until you get to this stage of life, because the only place silence is observed is in mortuary and cemetery but as long as you are alive and touching lives definitely you are going to step on toes, the bible says “though we walk in the flesh but we don’t operate by flesh”. If   the devil I deal with can possess some pastors, so who is the journalist for the devil not to possess. Are all journalists Christians? All are not Christians. So if they are not writing about you it means something is wrong, my advice is that make sure what you are writing is not what you are doing. You write for the public but the public can not be deceived when what you are writing is different from what the public is seeing, you cannot deceive them all the time, you can only deceive a few times. So anybody is free to write anything as long as what you are writing has nothing to do with God have written. Despite all they have written, did it bring liberation city down? Liberation city is a movement not just a church, the more you write about liberation city, you are only advertising us. Have you wonder upon what they are writing the church is exploding in all ramification, does that not tell the man using his pen that he is advertising us? Please let them keep up in advertising liberation city, we welcome it all.
The bible says “those that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength and they shall mount up wings like that of eagle” and says ‘unless the Lord build a city, those that build laboureth in vain , except the Lord watches over the city, the sentry(watchman) do so in vain. The then head of state, Abacha, had all the security but when the spirit of death came, his men were made incapable to stop it. So that shows it does not come from man but God and when you do the right thing, the will of God, make sure you don’t oppress anybody. You are concerned about others, because whatever we do is no concern to ourselves, we think about other people. We think about that man who has nowhere to sleep, we think about that widow who is being oppressed, we think about the orphans. There is no way you carry all other people’s load, that God would not carry your own because you are already a tool in his hands. If satan can empower his own how much more god the creator of heaven and the earth? He will always virtually empower his people and the only way that he can do that is when our strength is renewed like that of the eagle. So when we wait upon him and do His work, there  is no way we are not going to be renewed. Anytime you see the fish, it is always clean, why? Because the fish is always in constant touch with water and it stays in water. So as long has I have constant touch with the holy ghost, I would always look renewed and empowered, that is the anointing of the spirit.
I don’t know of that, I just wear anything that is good
You see , whatever before it happens God told me that he has made me a watchman to this nation. That is why if the government wants to succeed in Nigeria, they must listen to what God is saying. Like America’s motto “in God we trust” you see Americans are very appreciative to God, a state in America is called turkey, they said many years ago, there was famine and food scarcity and turkey came from nowhere, and they were eating it, they set out a day in a year or a week to give thanksgiving and declare that God you did this for us and our fathers, we are still appreciating you and it is only natural for them to bring God’s hand upon them that is why America is still what they are till tomorrow. So any time the nation wants to succeed it takes a God fearing man in the helm of affairs armed by government.  Whatever we are giving, we are not giving because we want people to hear about us, no, we are giving because God has spoken and god reveal in order to redeem, after god speaks we have nothing to do other than to speak and whatever we speak is not in our character or duty to avert. We can avert the one we can avert if the appropriate authority can not do what they ought to do, we can’t go there and do it by force. For example, a woman who says she is looking for the fruit of the womb and you pray for her and when she goes back the husband does not sleep with her, you don’t expect anything to happen, Just as prayers have done it  for us, the man and his wife also need to fulfill their own part, that is the problem. We had talked about the plane crash that happened and every other thing  that happened, both the fire incident and others, right now we have  spoken about governorship gubernatorial election coming up in Anambra state and God has given direction and instruction and what should be done. So if the person God is speaking about refuse to do it, then it 

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