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10 Oct 2013

A Very Dirty, Ugly And Sick Government And A Breast Sucking President

Dear Sir,
The more I look, not only the less I see but the more provoked I get (and that applies to every sane person ) the very ugly state of the nation has been a concern to most people, I and my co pastors ( Pastor Enoch Awasa Iburene and Pastor Livinus Nwachukwu),Join me to look at these issues and your judgment is as good as mine, May God grant you understanding.
A) most of the so called men of God have without been told led the nation to where it is today. “the prosperity without salvation preachers “ donate N50,000.00 today and become a multi millionaire in two weeks time” “dress in transparent dresses you can be almost naked, God looks only the heart” this leads to armed robberies, embezzlement of founds, blackmail, witchcraft, shedding of blood etc.
LIARS, THIEVES AND PROSTITUTES at the pulpit. They tell you it is well when they know it is not well.
They are in the same class with BOKO HARAM. These men should go hide their faces in shame. Cry for the forgiveness of their sins.

( B) THE POLICE. Who have made themselves a world disgrace because of their insatiable
Desire for wealth, highly covetous, criminal mindedness, lovers of lies, armed robbers in disguises, blackmailers of even their own parents and most of them, before they were recruited where exconvicts, area boys and evil native doctors. Take for example what happened in Gbaji, Badagry, in year 2008, October a man was held by customs men and they discovered two dead babies in his booth(car) he was handed over to the police at the check point, the directionless police handed him over to the Gbaji Youths, who on the order of the chief tied the mans legs and hands with heavy blocks and drowned him in the river, my lady friend in Gbaji told me with pain. What did the police do with the mans car? Who authorized an ordinary chief to take life? What indeed is the role of our traditional chiefs?
The Special Anti-Robbery Squad men (SAS) in their Lagos office demanded N100.000.00 before a case is handed to (personal experience), at Alagbon. You pay N25.000.00 before your letter are taken to Abuja for action, it is indeed a sorry state or is it my case against area commander Umar Surujudeen of lion building ( Published in sun newspaper 2010 ( aiding and betting criminal which he hed shamelessly leading to my calling of the attention of the then police commissioner Marvel Akpoyibo, my petition in his office got missing. Corruption is from up down, later reaching Zone 2 where I saw unbelievable things, corruption of the highest order by the police men there, expecially ASP, Diengeli Augustine.
They are killers, liars and hell bound agents Due to their joint effort they conviced my caretaker and with a 7days hand written quit notice, I lost my resident and the base of my ministry. to worsen it, on the 7th day they brought in area boys
They will pay at Gods time, or is it the police man that shamelessly made love to a loose woman in a small canopy at Bar beach in uniform and abroad day light . SHAME. The police is not a friend. Their shamelesss taking of bribes and supporting criminals makes me wonder if the sack of IG was enough, left with me 90% of the police will be sent home to farm. Just imagine the soldiers, two where busy taking Kaikai and smoking Indian hemp with some criminals on my street. I just laughed. Corruption is from the top that is why, when a junior officer is reported, they wave it under the carpet. The more corrupt the junior officer, the more love he is given.
( C ) President Goodluck Jonathan was meant as a blessing to Nigeria but he is far becoming a CURSE. Has he forgotten he was elected by God and should listen to Gods counsel alone? why become a rebel? He is rebelling agaist God, allowing himself to be breast fed by IBB and Obasanjo whose government is filled with anti people policies, tin gods who have no respect for the rule of law, those using security agents for hunting down of enemies, Crude administration to mention but a few, who have nothing to offer Nigerians. A genuine president should be God fearing, Brave and Kind.
Who will need a sleepy president? Who will need a fearful president or one that lacks understanding ? We are operating a prostitute Government.
A government that collect all from the people and enslaves them. A nation led by homosexuals and women with no conscience. I can remember during the strike our finance minister Njozi Iweala was asked to comment on the removal of oil subsidy and the expensive governance on radio, she was not making sense, going from one meaningless answer to the other the presenter thanked her at the end of it and I wondered what she was thanked for, she made no sense, Goodluck and the others have not made sense too. Seeing what happened in Bayelsa State ( Gov Election), and in Nigeria generally politics is very very uncivilized, raw power was displaced by Mr. president himself. He forgot that as a president he is a father to all men think again. An hotel for 5 billion ?
( D) what are our Governors doing with their allocations ? Where is the development to show in my state Bayelsa and others and why are workers in the states staying home to collect salaries? Our local Governments are something else altogether.
( E) The Lagos state Government Rehabilitation centre Owutu, ikorodu is a “STINKING MORTUARY WITH WALKING SKELETONS”
I have seen emaciated people and many passing away almost on a daily basis. Is the place a ritual ground? Why are people locked up, and slaved and left to die slowly?
Government has danced naked. We are tired of feeding bottle leaders. Like Olumba Olumba Obu who claimed to be Godand said he will not die again, who died in year 2003 and buried secretly in the night, and Roland Obu who forced his old blind father to crown him Christ, is enjoying deception as the BOKO HARAm group have also BOKO HARAMMED themselves. Imams and Alfas na wah for ona oh. Mohammed did not preach blood shed.

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