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19 Aug 2013

Woman Regain Senses After 18 Years Under Muslim Cleric’s Spell

A woman is supposed to watch where she goes, and who she associates with. Most girls are always desperate and at the end of the day, they fall into wrong hands. Bolatito, a former undergraduate of University of Ibadan got carried away by her friend’s flashy life style. According to her friend who is our source and an indigene of Ibadan,  they decided to take a bolder step by consulting an Islamic cleric who  consulted another cleric and she was given some concoction to eat with the hope that she would get good pay from men after sleeping with them like her friends. But to her friend’s surprise, Bolatito started falling in love with the Islamic cleric, and was skipping lectures, ‘’I thought it was a joke so I did not bother to inform her parents but when she moved her thing out of the school hostel and refused to talk to me again, I knew it was getting out of hand. I had to involve them. I narrated what happened but left the part that we were the ones that consulted the Islamic cleric for charms, I only told them she has stopped attending lectures and has moved out of the hostel. Her father did not take the matter likely, he called her to come and see him so many times but she refused, and this made the father very furious and decided to trace her. “ On getting to his house, we met Bola who was pregnant, and on sighting us she stood up as if she wanted to fight us.  “When we drew closer, she asked what we wanted and that if we didn’t have anything to say, we should leave. 
“The father tried to drag her but she was screaming and it was drawing attention from neighbours and we had to leave. “All plans to speak to Alfa were fruitless, he didn’t want to see her family members and she changed her line. This problem continued for a long time, and her parents were going from one church to another. It was when they got to a white garment church that they were told that she ate a love concoction and  were told not to go to the Alfa’s house again but should continue to pray for her. After so many years of praying and hoping that she would be back to her senses, her mother fell sick and later died, leaving the father to continue with the struggle. After some time, the father also fell ill and died. 
“After so many years, I heard a knock on my door, only for me to find Bola looking dirty and old, I almost fainted, but quickly got hold of myself but still confused if to allow her in or not. It was then she narrated her story of how she continuously ate concoction given to her by her husband, and said the other Islamic cleric died not too long after she regained her sense. She threatened to expose him, but he said he would kill her if she tried to do so. She already has five kids for him.                                                TITILAYO ILORI

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