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30 Aug 2013


Christendom has become what many people called business empire by some selected individual who see the avenue as a means of raising money for their survival, aside these act some so called men of God also indulge in some elicit acts which as continue to give the Christendom a negative image, one person in  such act is the general overseer of Rhema deliverance Mission international situated in Lagos  Nigeria,this man was accused by one of his church member of sleeping and impregnated one sally after the lady  and her husband came for prayer for the fruit of the womb,the husband of the lady with the name ameachi who is a car dealer in berger along apapa express way, challenged the acclaimed man of God, but surprisingly this Christian dauda the sexy guy actor karjo the lady to abandon her husband because the secret was revealed to the ladys husband. This said man of God specialized in sleeping with church members in his office, took another step by introducing his lover girl to another man of God Reverend chima okereke for marriage, unknowly to Rev. okereke who mistakenly married the said pastor nwachukwu lover girl later discovered that the lady pastor nwachukwu introduce to him was actually is secret his lover, Rev. okereke immediately disengage with that lady. We also gathered that pastor anene brother paul nwachukwu who is based in Onitsha also claimed to be the PFN leaders,but they  are not recognized, they are birds of the same feather, said one man of God who will not like his name mentioned.the baby sally has for her husband okereke totally look like pastor anene nwachukwu this further cement the fact that pastor anene nwachukwu is not only a fake man of God but a criminal in the vineyard of God.those people must be stop. when you watch this fake man of God on the screen you think they are really called by God but their pocket actually called them.we want to use this medium to warn the general public to be warned against those anti-christ of our time,we wiil bring to our readers some of the other tricks use to karjor people by those fake man of God in our next bulletins----t

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Anonymous said...

Hello, i have been following your published comments, findings consigning churches schools, pastors ways of ministering and their personal life, its been wonderful but because of your resent comment on your blog, i have to go an extra mile in investigating your allegation against Prophet Dr Anene Nwachukwu The founder of Rhema Deliverance Ministry You Titled Bulls Eye, Subject "How Pastor Anene Nwachukwu of Rhema Deliverance Mission Snatched Wife of One of His Members" From my discovery, yes the woman sally and her husband Ameachi are truly members of the church in question, yes she is delivered of a new babe,and for the first time i saw her, she took over the mic from the pastor's wife after which she conducted both offering and testimonies for the church, looking from her smiles and action she is a very happy woman and her husband Ameachi also, who at this time was carrying the babe most times when she has obligations at the alter and the same man gave the pastor the sum of one hundred thousand naira that same day, so you see that the man and wife are still strong members of the church Rhema, the truth is no amount of blackmail can stop this Oracle and the church from increasing in numbers, just like their slogan says "In Rhema No Shaking" and like the bible says Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. further more i got a fact that she Mrs Sally Ameachi is a sister to the subject, Prophet Dr Anene Nwachukwu of Rhema Delivering Mission. You can see that you Isaac Oguntoye i believe that is your real name upon hiding your real name from people, you gave Nigerian's wrong information about GOD fearing church of Rhema Delivering Mission in which the prophet have stood against FAKE MIRACLES and FAKE PROPHESIES. Nigerians you can also watch this same prophet of GOD life on MY TV STRONG SATELLITE at ACBN - 6.30am from MONDAYS TO SUNDAY, at HOSSANA - 6am to 6.30am from MONDAY to FRIDAY, at TVC FRIDAYS from 6.45am, then you can conclude in your mind, that it will never be possible for a man of such a perfect prophesies of GOD indulge in such an act. Nigerians i advice that hens forth people should take his words Isaac Oguntoye like a pinch of salt, i wont to believe that this is an act of frustration, extortion or better still blackmail by so called Isaac Oguntoye and i wont to believe that he has sponsors at the top who are paying him and telling him what to write, without him knowing the damage he is causing to himself and most especially his children. Nigerians i believe we should leave his case to GOD almighty let him Judge Isaac Oguntoye. My advice to you is to repent also before the law catches up with you cause is an act of blackmail and most especially the Ruth of GOD before it will descend upon you. i will advice you call the church rep on so he will grant you an interview to find out the truth, and you will get to meet even the sally and the husband, ask other media houses who had an interview with the church to give you the church rep phone number.