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19 Aug 2013

17-Year Old OAU Student Crowned ‘Iyalorisa Of Yoruba’!

Wonders, they say, shall never end. This best describes a situation where a 17-year old girl who is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) named Omitonade Ifawemimo, was made the head of a women occult group in Ibadan, Oyo State.
The attractive looking girl, we heard, possesses spiritual powers and wields great influence among her fellow cultists who are much older with some old enough to be her grandmother!
Surprised at her status at just 17, this magazine asked how she felt controlling women of her grandma’s age and her being a student; Iyalorisa, as she is now being referred, said “firstly, age has nothing to do with understanding the basics of belief, as the learning process and initiation rites start from a tender age which in turn makes one in that path has vast knowledge about the mystical and what one holds firmly as a way of life. In view of this, having understood the basics and passing through my initiation rites, I have qualified to be Iyalorisa”.
So, why starting very much early and not wait until after schooling or why even go to school at all; “That was not part of the doctrines. Aside from the fact that I was born into it, to be versatile and be experienced in my faith, it is of great importance not to be distracted with activities that can effect derailing. All knowledge gained at tender age, used rightly and propagated in the right channel, lives with one forever till death. As for the school, I am studying Economics. Education is distinct from religion; religion is the process of receiving or giving systematic instructions, especially at school. To be an undergraduate studying Economics is to fulfill my educational upliftment since I have done that with my spirituality. Education will in turn make me diversify in my undertaking with divine direction I received from my belief. Education is a whole institution while my religion is an institution packed with a lot of spiritual lessons and ancestral ways of life”.
Fine; why then did she not register to study Yoruba as that would give vent to the faith she had passion for. “Funny, anything traditional can never be learned in the higher institution of learning. The basic requirements for learning art and cultures of Yoruba reside in the local practitioners that have never been to the four walls of the University. How many higher institutions of learning in Nigeria teach the core idea and essence behind Yoruba fundamental tradition? There is basically no one. For example, Chief Yemi  Elebuibon never had a Western education, yet he's a renowned visiting lecturer to more than 25 universities in the US. He knows what is hidden that can never be taught here and the White who brought education know these and tapped it. How many Yoruba graduates can chant ijala? How many of them know ‘odu ifa’ lines?”
Do you foresee for people’s spiritual problems? Yes, but not full time, as I also have other projects which I’m working on like writing books and making documentaries. And I don’t just attend to people, I consult for those you would call the movers and shakers of the society.  But I will not disclose the identities of my clients.”
Do men pass love advances at you, knowing you are not just a student anymore now? Yes. There are proposals for relationship. I’m of age and it is the right time for a girl of my age. If they don’t come then, I will have to check myself. But how I manage advances from men, that is my personal business”.  

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Anonymous said...

Its not an Occult group. Its a religion according to the yoruba traditions just as Judaism is according to the Jewish tradition