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6 Jul 2013

Kidney Failure Threat... Music Stars Panic, Renounce Smoking And Drinking Over OJB’s Sickness

Ladies, heavy alcohol consumption, drugs and high rate of smoking are tantamount to the Nigerian music industry.  We are not surprised about this as most Nigerian artistes indulge in them. What, however, amazes many is that these artistes find joy engaging in these habits heavily. Some music fans will tell you that they can’t boast of any hip-hop artiste who doesn’t smoke or consumes liquor to stimulate energy on stage. Though, they usually look calm and innocent, sources say the way they embraced stick in the corner of their houses speaks volume of their interest. In this story, SHOKISHOMBOLO NEWS lists the artistes who people believe fall into this category.
“Who say 2face no dey smoke, come Festac come see film”. This is what those that are close to 2Face will tell you if you try to tell them that Innocent Idibia, the African Queen crooner is truly innocent.
General Pype
General Pype is one of the wave-making artistes of the moment. The former Storm Records label member has proved his worth on the musical scene. His musical talent cuts across. But what many say spoils the Obalende boy is his smoking habit. Oh! He smokes and he doesn’t hide it.    
Rapper, Jude Abaga and well-known as MI, we gathered, is also a chimney before he was diagnosed of asthma. Asthma is a partial seizure of breath of the victim. Asthma patients are mostly affected with choked or contaminated air from cigarettes.      
In the Nigerian music industry, he is worthy of emulation being the rocky pillar behind the success of the fast-rising act, Seriki, but what baffles people is the way the one-time favourite artiste of music lovers smokes. In fact, he’s not ashamed to dedicate a track for the illegal weed (Igbo) in his first album. Aside his heavy smoking habit, we learnt he also drinks a lot.
He is young, talented and his music career continues to soar despite the fact that he dumped his former boss, Bank W. This talented kid was said to have been caught severally at Elegushi Beach smoking with friends and drinking heavily to the extent that he often times could not walk home without aid.
Everyone knows about Timaya’s deep smoking habit but what they don’t know, perhaps, is when the acclaimed Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa will put an end to the risky act. Though, he is being conscious of where he smokes, friends close to him say he’s a heavy smoker and drunkard.   
Terry G.
Terry G does not need introduction in the industry of weed smoking as the Ganja farmer always portrays himself as a diehard smoker. His picture has been posted on social media severally where he was caught in the act. If you are his friend that only drinks occasionally, don’t try to collect or sip Terry G’s drink as you will blame yourself. We were told that, he usually blends it with weed (Igbo). He will tell you that, smoking is the ginger that gingers his swagger. Some people even tag him a ‘Great Ganjarist’     
Nigerian Rapper, William Orioha aka 2Shotz, has been smoking and drinking for so long especially when he goes for shows outside Lagos. In fact, there was a show we learnt he was billed to perform but after allegedly drinking to stupor, he slept off and could not mount the stage until the following day.
Festac based artiste, Adewale Adepoju a.k.a W4, is also a heavy smoker.  This Osun State-born Fela’s protégé has severally been spotted puffing himself heavily.
Don Jazzy

It was like a celebration of smoke for Nigerian topmost producer, Don Jazzy recently at Oriental Hotel, Lagos. Such was one of Don Jazzy’s smoking sessions, though.  Aside smoking, he is also said to love drinking alcohol heavily. 

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