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20 Jul 2013


Men get to avoid sex some times because of their unavoidable low libido or inability to give their wives real satisfaction in bed. While other physical remedies could be a little bit of laughter and dirty jokes during this infinite moment, natural remedies are available and good enough to spice up your sex life.
DARK CHOCOLATE: its many benefit are well documented also with its ability to mimic the sensation of being love. Chocolate makes a person feel really good not because of its taste or texture, it contains chemical called phenyl ethylamine (lace chemical) believed to produce the feeling of being in love.
GARLIC: this vegetable might not immediately conjure romance because of its smell but it is said to be a powerful aphrodisiac as it contains allicin a compound thought to improve blood circulation and improve sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs.
AVOCADO: this fruit helps to increase both male and female libidos as they are a great scarce of folic acid which assists the body in metabolizing.
Protein and providing. Asides that, they are also rich in victims B6 which increases female libido by helping to regulate the woman’s typhoid gland.
PEANUT: Also groundnut is great libido boosters especially from men because of the rich L- arginine also helps in erection dysfunction because of this effect on the blood vessels.
WATERMELON: natures wonder fruit, rich in L-citru Uine, and amino acids that help improve blood flow to the sexual organs. L-citruline optimizes blood flow in the body by first converting to L-arginine and then to nitrocpacide are associate with mental and physical fatigue and sexual dysfunction.
PUMPKIN SEEDS: These seeds are usually grinded to produce “Egusi” a popular Nigerian delivery. Pumpkin seeds are a great Libido booster for both men and women as they increase sexual appetite and desire.
Pumpkin seeds like oysters are very rich in zinc which is important for testosterones it also contains high levels of the Omega 3 which nets as a precursor of prostaglandins – hormone like substances important for sexual health.
While yarsavar your dish of Egusi soup, have it mind that it not only nourishes your body, but it also have other special benefits.