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12 Jul 2013

Diamond Bank In Fraud Scandal …Customers’ Money Disappears Mysteriously

The Alex Otti-led Diamond Bank is at the moment enmeshed in a fraud scandal that is threatening to soil the good image the bank has been trying to build for many years. 
The bank that prides itself to be a bank that is ‘there for you’ is said to have fleeced a certain customer of his hard earned money in a mysterious way. 
What has remained a difficult riddle to the customer, is the way his money developed wings without making any demand; at the end of the day, he had his over N800,000 removed from his account. 
The customer who is at present in the UK is crying wolf that the bank actually knows about the way and manner his money disappeared since he duly informed the bank immediately he got the first debit alert. Moreover, he believes since the bank made him to cough out the sum of four thousand, nine hundred naira as a mandated fund to secure the account against any kind fraud, he wondered how his money could walk away from his accounts without a trace. 
The customer made this known to us with the mail he sent that states:  
“Please I am going through serious pains right now and I really need help on the way forward. I opened a Salary Account with Diamond Bank in September 2012 to keep funds for my wife as I was travelling for my M.Sc programme in the United Kingdom this January 2013.
“I applied for internet banking to be able to make transfers in December 2012 paying the exorbitant amount of N4,900 which they told me was for a token device which would secure my account from fraud.
“As at April this year, from salary inflows and other deposits, I had a total of about 820,000 Naira in the account. I woke up on the 23rd of April 2013 to see multiple debit alerts from my account with my so-called secure token still in my bag here in the UK. 
“I immediately emailed the bank on the fraudulent withdrawal and received only an auto-response. With the lack of reply, I called their customer care line and after waiting through the long interactive voice response process finally got to speak to someone.
“The person who answered said they were going to take on the case and I kept getting new responses anytime I called back. It was a day later after angrily speaking to the person who gave me another assorted ‘canned’ reply that I was given a phone number which I should call to get the matter resolved.
“When I called, I spoke to a certain Mr. Ifeyemi who said they are investigating the matter and also asked me a series of questions to support the investigation. Based on the outcome of the so-called investigation, the bank is telling me stories that an email was sent to my laptop which took the money.
“I am now being told by Diamond Bank that I would be the one to look for the fraudsters and they are not liable for any damages. The accounts where my hard-earned money was transferred to are all indicated. Isn't a bank which sold me a product which is secure supposed to freeze the accounts where my money was transferred to pending investigation since I reported the fraud immediately?
“My wife is stranded in Nigeria. I am stranded in the United Kingdom and the Bank which claims to be ‘There for you’ is trying to avoid all responsibility for the occurrence after I have paid for a ‘secure token’. He concluded.
Meanwhile, effort to get the other side of the Diamond Bank officials proved abortive as calls made to their corporate affairs office were not answered before we went to press.

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