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29 Jun 2013

Midnight Crew Finally Split! …Release Separate Singles

Everything that has a beginning surely has an end. This time around, it is the group of four singers; Odunayo Olamide, Patricia Ohuwaje King, Michael Olayinka and Olugbenga Ademola Oyebola; they are on the verge of losing what they’ve built for several years. Following their success since inception, you will quite agree with the fact that the group is making waves in the Gospel music circle. Their albums, always a must for every home, contain songs that have turned national anthems of some sort. But what astonished many was when Mike decided to drop his own separate singles titled ‘Morire’ and ‘Patricia’ also followed his footstep when she dropped ‘Eze’. According to inside sources, these are the two active musicians among the group and the other two have one or two things they are doing outside music. We scooped that Gbenga is working with a local government council in Lagos while Odunayo works as a teacher in one of the new generation private schools. Prior to that, it’s affecting some of the things they do as a group and they think the best way is for them to have separate singles in order to be able to perform without waiting for any member of the group. Meanwhile, the break-up has not been ascertained as the group just returned from America. But the America Tour, we learnt should have lasted longer than this but due to the fact that two among the four members are working with different employers and they are not ready to lose their jobs at the moment, so they had to cut short the American Tour and stay for sometime before they proceed. The group is still intact as the two singles dropped by Mike and Path were released under the group company, Midnight Crew Limited. It’s not a secret thing. They were all aware of the latest development. 

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