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29 Dec 2012


Sequel to various character assassination put in place to tarnish the image of DR Chris Okafor by the senior pastor of household of love Badore Ajah Pastor Yinka Yusuf that Prophet Okafor is using artificial power which he has been spreading on the social network such as facebook. The general overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry a.k.a Liberation City Prophet Okafor said he has never met Yinka Yusuf in his life not until some people call him to notice on the circulated news. Source gathered that this said pastor’s church is close to Bishop Isaac Idahosa church where Dr. Chris Okafor as gone to minister. Information also revealed that this pastor who began his ministry close to 25year only has about 50 to 100 worshippers that might be the genesis of the envy and bishop Idahosa’s worshipers are countless. Further findings revealed that any man of God that came to minister in that axis as a direct effect on Pastor Yinka ministry as he hardly see anybody to worship in his church. We also gather that this man as put his hand in some evil thing, information gathered that on the 23rd April 1998 in kaduna Pastor Yinka Yusuf secretary was waiting for him in the office only for her to see a big python snake coming out from the toilet to office. She took to her heel and sudden the snake change to become Pastor Yinka Yusuf. Just because he as deepen his hand in such an evil thing, according to inside source he now feel anybody that perform any miracle is occultic person. While we contact Bishop Isaac Idahosa on the development, he said the man has been like that, envying who God has blessed. He remarked that he has never done anything with him before. Here is a comment from somebody that knows this self acclaimed man of God Rev Yinka Yusuf Household of Love Church Lagos. “U lied on ur crusade ground dat u turn ur father's mosque to a church, u also lied dat u bought a plane, u also lied in America dat u raised 16 dead people back to life. Pls tell me wat makes u as a liar diferent 4rm a fake prophet? Pastors no u very well it will be recalled that prophet Dr chris okafor as remain one of the best in the prophetic ministry in the world. we the son of Dr chris okafor use this medium to tell the general public that there is now iota of truth in what pastor yinka yusuf is saying about Dr. Chris okafor also we want to advise pastor yinka yusuf to settle his differences with bishop idahosa if there is any one.