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7 Nov 2012

Ayuba denies being assaulted by MOPOL officers

Fuji maestro Adewale Ayuba has denied the reports saying he was assaulted by some members of the Mobile Police unit (MOPOL) last week in Ibadan.
Ayuba, who  was billed to perform at the final burial ceremony of Pa Olatubosun Mainde in Ibadan, arrived at the venue of the event later than expected.
There were unconfirmed reports claiming when Ayuba stepped into the venue, he was apprehended by the officers and assaulted until guests pleaded on his behalf.
But the ‘Bonsue Fuji’ star who is one of the directors on the board of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) the news of the alleged MOPOL assault came as a shock. According to him, nothing of such happened.
I was surprised to read in some newspapers and on some internet blog sites that I was beaten at an event in Ibadan. That is a lie. It will be unthinkable for anyone to order that an artiste be beaten just because he didn’t come for an event on time. Even though I have apologized to my clients over the issue, let me state my unreserved apology once again. The fault was not mine but there is no point over flogging the issues any longer’, Ayuba said.

He then went on to give his own account of what happened:

I was caught up in the traffic like so many other Nigerians on that fateful day. I left my house about 7 am in the morning for the event that was to start by 3pm on the same. By calculations, I should be in Ibadan by 9am, but alas! The road was blocked. Apparently a trailer had fallen and blocked the entire road, making it impossible for any car to pass. The relevant agencies obviously had no answers and Nigerians like me were held in that traffic for hours on end. At some point, I alighted from the car and had to take a motorcycle (Okada) just so that I meet up. Once again let me state categorically that I was not beaten by anyone, not by area boys or any police officer’.
Ayuba also debunked the rumour that he was performing at another show which made him late and thanked MC-comedian Gbenga Adeyinka for his open-handedness in controlling the ‘tensed situation’ before and after his event.

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Eva dropped from Trybe Records

It official.SHOKISHOMBOLO can authoritatively tell you that the contract between rapper Eva Alordiah and popular record label Trybe Records has been dissolved.
The news was made known by the management of Trybe Records in a statement exclusively released to SHOKISHOMBOLO. It reads:
Trybe Records and Eva Alordiah have agreed to terminate her recording contract effective immediately. Trybe Records’ vision is to discover and nurture the talents of our artists while operating with purpose, valuing relationships with our partners within the industry, and being persistent in creating and releasing quality music. Unfortunately, over the past 5 months Eva’s vision has not aligned with ours and thus, both parties have agreed to separate.
We wish Eva the best in her future endeavors and plan on continuing towards our goal of creating quality music for Nigeria and beyond‘.
SHOKISHOMBOLO investigations however reveal that the label is being modest with the statement. Inside sources told us Eva had since her signing in June been more than a handful to manage and/or coordinate with, demanding for more than what she was offered at all times and that the label was basically ‘tired of her antics’.
She never fit in from the start, always trying to stand out from the rest. She was always asking for more even when eLDee and co gave her an almost perfect platform to blow up‘, a friend close to the rapper tells us.

Eva might look like a rookie but some would tell you she does has a bit of history in the entertainment world. Right before her footling prominence and hook up with Trybe, she had worked with a few other managers-promoters.
Eva’s name was first heard while working with rapper M.I on his debut album, after a bit of running, she hooked up with former COOL FM OAP BooBoo who worked as her manager along with Obinna Agwu. Problems prevailed and they call it quits.
Eva also met up with PXC director MEX who tried signing her to his budding label but both parties fell out after she was allegedly ‘always rude’ to him, according to those familiar with their relationship.